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We have designed guidance and recruitment principles to give our candidates a complete overview of how we recruit and what is important for us. We would also like to underline our commitment and professional approach to every candidate. If you are interested to join our team please read information below.


Our decision, questions and comments

Always need to be aimed on professional aspects

Need to be relevant for deciding if a candidate matches the open position or not

We collect CVs with no personal data and no photos

Sensitive Information Policy

We’ll never ask about:

  • Age
  • Race, ethnic origin
  • Country of national origin or birthplace
  • Gender or sex
  • Religion
  • Disability

  • Family status or pregnancy
  • Family members
  • Medical history
  • Property & financial situation
  • Political views or activities

Important: Before applying to AdTonos please make sure that above information is not stated in your CV.

Our Focus Priorities

When we select applications, we divide them into two batches. Those applicants who fully comply with our Recruitment Principles (especially concerning sensitive information stated above) will be placed in Batch One. At first, we will interview and meet candidates in Batch One.

Batch One

Batch Two

Application Selection Criteria

We act quickly to acquire the best candidates because the good ones do not stay long
on the market. And if you are under time pressure it is always OK to give us a call to ask about your application status.

Core criteria

Relevant experience & skills, Education,  Foreign languages (English is a must)


Additional criteria

Neatness (formatting, spelling etc.), Integrity (reasonableness of the information)

Recruitment process overview

  • Junior Candidate

    • Candidate sourcing
    • Application evaluation
    • Phone interview & homework
    • 1st interview with our HR representative
    • 2nd interview with your potential manager
    • Decision
    • Job offer or feedback

  • Senior Candidate

    • Candidate sourcing
    • Application evaluation
    • Phone interview & test
    • 1st interview with our HR representative
    • 2nd interview with your potential manager or CEO
    • Decision
    • Job offer or detailed feedback

Recruitment Step One: CV evaluation

Aspects  we  check during CV evaluation

  • Did the candidate already apply? If so, why her/his application was not successful?
  • What experience does the candidate have?
  • In which company did he/she work before?
  • Is the motivation and understanding of Adtonos reasonable?
  • Was the candidate recommended by our network?
  • Are there any referrals, certifications or reports available to check?

  • Are there any experience gaps in the CV?
  • How long did the candidate go to university?
  • Where did the candidate graduate from?
  • Are the salary expectations feasible?
  • Which skills does the candidate have (languages, systems etc.)?
  • How often did the candidate change the job so far?
  • What is the impression we get at the first glance of the CV?

Recruitment Step Two: Experience overview

We attempt to evaluate how the candidate’s experience corresponds with AdTonos
experience and to what extent it would help us grow exponentially.

We make sure experience from the relevant fields has been considered (f.e. IT, streaming, advertising).

Candidate’s previous company organizational culture is also important, we look for similarities and differences between Adtonos’ and previous candidate’s employers

Experience in irrelevant technologies or companies from different business areas are out of our scope

Recruitment Step Three: Interview

We need to make sure you are the best fit. Don’t be afraid of not being successful. Work is a valuable and significant part of our lives and this long-term relation, too.

A more detailed conversation that should take from 60 to 90 minutes.

Interviews are the most important process of recruitment to us and we are very sure that might be quite stressful for you. We’ll help you to get the best out of you.

We would note if you arrive on time and appreciate if you did some research about us.