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Agata Maria Hirche

Agata /ˈa.ɡa.ta/ has over 10 years of experience as a digital media professional and has worked in digital media since 2008 across the North American and EMEA markets, successfully launching a number of innovative solutions including both technology platforms and data offerings. Agata’s previous key business focuses has included technical vetting and matching, on target with financial and market technology growth potential.

Agata’s extensive experience also includes the successful launch of television advertising measurement provider, Samba TV, in Europe, as well as leading programmatic capabilities on behalf of the world’s largest advertising agency network Omnicom Media Group in the U.S. In her roles, Agata’s responsibilities also included managing performance for brands as well as developing B2B relationships with vendors. Agata as a VP of Product at AdTonos will be responsible for developing the global programmatic platform, focusing on audio media buying and cross-device targeting.