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Q&A Useful tips

It is difficult for me to me to sell on-air advertising, why it should be easier to offer ad AdTonos ads?

Because the whole idea of the ad itself is different. Advertisers do not need to buy bundled packages. And they can start to advertise with any budget and select the target group to reach much more precisely than in on-air advertising.

Why will AdTonos not cannibalize my on-air advertising budgets?

Not at all. Radio is the best medium for building brand awareness or spreading the promotion but has little to offer when it comes to performance marketing. AdTonos is performance driven, a programmatic solution to compete with Google Adwords, Facebook Ads or any other online ad platform.

AdTonos is going to compete with your advertisers’ budgets for online ads, not budgets for your radio. Thus, our goal is to drive back the revenue radio has lost since 2008, when for the first time online ad budgets were bigger than radio budgets.

Why will advertisers prefer AdTonos than Spotify or iTunes advertising solutions?

The main focus of on-demand music platforms is on selling premium subscriptions and advertising is an additional activity to their business. In our case advertising is our core business. Our priority – if we fail to continuously deliver great customer success stories in audio advertising, our whole business would collapse. This is why we prove instant focus on the development of AdTonos. And this is us who is going to present new features to the native audio advertising market.

Why is AdTonos commission based and not just a fixed price as some other solutions like Adswizz or Triton?

Comparing to average media house offering, our commission is quite below the average. And we are not only generating new revenues for your radio but also taking care of streaming server and maintenance, which for radio station is not an exciting activity, isn’t it? Our commission from advertisers’ budgets covers that all. Our commission from advertisers’ budgets covers that all.

We believe that commission based model is the best one in sales. That keeps us highly motivated to reach new sales goals and we love to see how your revenues grow. Because if your business grows – ours profit from that, too. And if it unexpectedly slows down – there is no risk of a fixed price for you.

If you still have doubts – ask your sales team if they like the idea of working for an averaged base salary. Those who don’t deliver results will probably say yes.

What is the best campaign mix for big advertisers?

It depends on every individual case, however as AdTonos ads are performance driven and it is easier to drive the listener to an online store, page or any other interaction. Radio listening peaks are in the morning and evening when people drive their cars to work or home so that would be an undisputable best idea for advertisers to run on-air advertising, leveraging brand awareness. And when it comes to calls to action – let’s reach listeners during the day, when they listen to your radio online.

Why will advertisers choose AdTonos rather than Facebook or Google Ads?

We are sure that it would be hard for advertisers to shift all their budgets from Facebook or Google to AdTonos. But we are also sure, that for online advertising, native audio ads were for a long time missing puzzle to video, display and text advertising. And before AdTonos there was no such complete solution to place ads in audio live streams.

Why might AdTonos advertising be a better idea for my advertisers than Facebook or Twitter Ads?

Radio is most trusted medium worldwide. And radio ad breaks are easily distinguishable from the rest of radio content. That builds right balance leveraging listener’s confidence. Nowadays users do not have that confidence in social platforms as they cannot distinguish advertising or product placement from regular content, regular content from fake news. Your advertisers’ ads will profit from your radio brand in AdTonos ads.

Why are there no campaign packages in AdTonos?

Because the whole idea of selling ads in AdTonos is different, as this is very different product from your radio ads. We admire great potential, use of use and clear pricing logic in Google AdWords. This is why we decided to implement PPP (Pay Per Play) model so comparable to PPC (Pay Per Click), and programmatic buying.

I am not sure if I would be able to encourage my advertisers' to join AdTonos.

Unless you try we would not know. But no worries, we see from our other clients’ success stories that this is quite easy when right approach is taken.

First, you probably have at least 80% of inactive customers in your database. And, probably, they do not advertise currently because they do not advertise at all or shifted their budget to online activities. And this is the moment you come in. Let them try to move part of their online budget into your radio through AdTonos.

How can I add an auto promotion or sponsorship spots?

You can find that functionality in your AdTonos dashboard. The auto promotion and sponsorship spots are free to use.

Will my advertisers be able to set campaigns by themselves?

As we target advertisers that use Google AdWords or Facebook PowerEditor, it is pretty sure that they will move around our platform with ease. And we constantly perform user tests to optimize AdTonos and grow user experience.

What is Stage1?

Stage1 is the first part of our journey and the first step to grow your revenues from online streaming. At this stage, we encourage you to invite as many of your current advertisers to AdTonos. This will give you a quick start and instant revenue. The advertisers you refer will be able only to advertise in your streams and one company can register only once.

You will find more information how to invite your advertisers in your AdTonos dashboard.

When can I switch from Stage1 to Stage2?

Stage1 lasts as long as you want. As soon as you notify us that you are ready, we will switch you to Stage2. Usually, our customers decide to have a go for 3-6 months of Stage1.

What is Stage2?

At this stage, we allow referred advertisers by you, to run campaigns not only in your streams but any other. However, you will receive nice, referral bonus every time they run a campaign in other streams. In other words, the whole targeting extra fee for selecting any other radio by the advertiser will be added to your revenues.

In Stage2 we also bring to AdTonos top-tier media houses and advertising agencies from all markets we are on.

When does Stage2 start and for how long does it last?

The launch of Stage2 will be announced with at least 3 months advance and will make Stage1 obsolete. Unfortunately, we are not able to predict for how long it will be active as we would need to define significant budget reserve for Stage3 activities. And this depends on Stage2 effectivity.

When can I switch from Stage2 to Stage3?

There is no need to switch. It is our job that needs to be done.

What is Stage3?

Our goal is to broaden AdTonos awareness of all small and midsize entrepreneurs as much as it is possible. We plan extensive promotional campaigns to drive as many advertisers as it is possible to AdTonos. We will probably reach your advertisers that did not start to use AdTonos during Stage1.

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