Now you can talk to the ads you hear!

Welcome to the new world of audio advertising.

Interactive audio ads

Meet YoursTrulyTM

Interactive and actionable audio ads via smart speakers and voice assistnts

We wanted to develop a solution for audio advertising, where the listener could interact with the advertiser

  • It works on all Echo devices or any smart speaker that has Alexa enabled
  • It works on all Google Home devices or any smart speaker that has Google Assistant-enabled.
  • It works on all mobile phones with Android and Google Assistant turned on.
  • It also works on iPhones or android phones with an active Alexa App.
  • It is enabled by our publishers – radio broadcasters or mobile apps.
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Finally, the audio advertising receives well deserved instant feedback!

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Smart speakers and voice assistants

Source: Statista, April 16, 2021 The Infinite Dial, Edison Research (2020) Business Insider, January 7, 2020

320 million smart speakers installed globally in 2020. This number is forecast to grow
to 640 million by 2024

32% of the UK population claim to own voice-activated speaker

45% of US households claim to own at least one a voice-activated speaker

Google Assistant can be installed on 500 million to 1 billion devices

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Activities during reach

Your advertisement is wherever the listener is no matter what they are doing, 24/7

YoursTrulyTM Interactive Audio Ad Workflow

Step 1

The listener starts to listen to their favourite radio station on a smart speaker or mobile.

Step 2

The radio station starts to broadcast an ad break and the first ad in the row is interactive – has a special interaction trigger.

Step 3

The listener reacts to the ad by saying one of two voice commands.

Step 4

The process of interaction between voice assistant and listener starts.

Type of Listener Actions

Availability request

During the interaction, the voice assistant asks for the listener’s mobile number to send a link to the calendar for convenient booking.

Information request

In this interaction, the voice assistant asks for the listener’s mobile number to send some information to. It can be a voucher, website link or contact details.


The complete process of service/appointment booking. The listener has the convenience to select the nearest location based on geodata.

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Usecase example scenario

Booking a test drive at the nearest dealer

“The first-of-its-kind campaign we deployed for Audi lays the foundation for audio and voice advertising innovation globally. As the channel continues to grow – with the global voice-based smart speaker market predicted to be worth $30billion by 2024 – we’re keen to continue exploring audio’s strengths as part of fully integrated marketing strategies.”

Phil Rowley, Futures Director at Omnicom Media Group

“AdTonos has raised the benchmark for audio engagement with the launch of Yours Truly and we’re excited to be working with them as they transform the future of radio ads. The rapid technical integrations via SDKs is testament to how fast the industry can innovate, and the opportunities for broadcasters, brands, and audiences alike are vast.”

Charlie Brookes, Director Revenue at Octave Audio


If you have an Alexa enabled smart speaker click the link below to get the skill and testing instructions.

Alexa Demo

Google Assistant

If you have a Google Assistant enabled smart speaker or Google Home smart speaker or Android mobile, contact us to get a link to the demo.

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