AdTonos digital audio advertising platform gives your brand access to ad space on multiple radio stations, mobile applications and podcasts from one place.

Our audio ads are played on the largest, most recognisable radio stations across the UK&Europe, the United States, India and the LATAM.

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Meet AdTonos

tonōs /ˈto.noːs / : latin: tone, sound pitch, musical scale

A platform and marketplace for digital audio advertising changing the game
and reaching around the globe

60 021 713

Unique Listeners Monthly

634 041 100

Available Playouts Monthly

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We serve millions VAST/DAAST requests daily to monetise static audio content

Radio streams

We offer live radio stream monetisation with our ads replacement solution

Music streams

Our adserver enables pre-roll and mid-roll advertising in any music stream

Smart speakers

Our solution YoursTruly offers smart speaker skill monetisation with interactive ads

All AdTonos advertiser features


Programmatic sales through our integration with more than 21 DSPs.

List of integrated DSP


Self-sales dashboard for your sales team

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Direct sales

Direct sales through our partnerships with the largest media buyers worldwide

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Targeting options with more than 400 iAB taxonomies

Geo & demography

From device, language to age and gender

Brand exposure

Find audiences that were exposed to your brand in the last 30 days

Purchase intent

Reach people who were on e-commerce or price comparison sites

Geo & demography

From gardening to healthy food or fitness lovers

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Some of DSP platform we are integrated worldwide

Creating Effective Audio Ads

It’s important to consider how advertising with sound differs from visual or text-based media.
The ability to create a crafty audio ad for these platforms will be vital to your success in this new age of audio.

Keep your audio ad message clear and simple

Choose one important message, make it crystal clear, and focus your effort on driving it home. You only have around 30 seconds for a typical audio spot.

Provide a value proposition as early as possible

Be sure that you have pointed out what you want listeners to remember, cut to the chase and spend the rest of the time you have reinforcing that message.

Make Your Call to Action Specific

Embed a call-to-action (CTA) as specific as possible instructing listeners how and where they can learn more about your offering and the next steps that you want your audience to take. Assign a special landing page, URL, or code to the offers that you promote in audio ads.

Be aware of the difference between digital audio ads and radio

Traditional radio reaches people in the car, at home, or at work. Online radio listeners are more mobile and could be anywhere using a connected device.

Less ad text creates a better connection with the listener

The voice-over has a limited amount of time to deliver the whole content. Limit the copy to make the ad more conversational. Remember, conversations are much slower than ads you hear on TV or radio.

Use the power of conversational tone in your ad

People like listening to friendly people who speak clearly and in a conversational manner. They distract from advertising voice-over readings.

Check that the background music is not too loud and distracting

The voice-over should be heard correctly front and centre, so the volume level of the background music is important. You can choose the music track from an online licence provider and you’ll be sure to find one that represents your brand.

Direct and smooth transition for the listener

Audio ads are played between songs and other audio content, so you’ll need to have a clear start and finish to your ad. Avoid long pauses at the beginning as well as long fade-outs at the end.

Record your audio ad! Special services

Missing the creative? Don’t worry.
We will do it for you!

The production of audio advertising is several times cheaper than video.
Our AdTonos Studio can prepare an audio file for your advertising campaign 24 hours a day. The basic version with one artist gives you the right to broadcast for the whole year. We can also order a special creation for you with a Very Important Voice. Contact us for a quote today!

How to start when your audio ad is ready?

If you have an account on our platform and an audio slot has been prepared, 10 minutes is enough time to upload it to the platform
and set up all of the campaign parameters.

The campaign order will be generated automatically, and after paying for it, the campaign will be accepted and broadcast.
At the end of the month, you can download the invoice for the campaign directly from the platform using your profile.


On AdTonos you can launch any digital audio campaign at any time. Sign up now, upload your creative (contact us if you need one), set the campaign options and you are good to go!


We are always happy to help our clients. If you want us to assist in creating your campaigns, please contact us.

Or maybe you want to use a different DSP platform? We are happy to help you launch your campaign on one of the 15 DSP platforms we are integrated with.

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Join brands enjoying AdTonos

43% Podcast 43% growth year-on-year

Streaming 8% growth year-on-year

Total audio 17% growth year-on-year

Source: IAB/PwC, Digital Adspend Study 2020

75% of citizens say they have benefited from relevant, targeted advertising – and 32% say they find advertising useful „always” or „often”


75% of Europeans surveyed would choose today’s experience of the internet over the internet without targeted ads, where they would need to pay to access most sites and apps


Audio, radio & podcasts rules!

Slide 1
United Kingdom

of the adult (15+) UK population listen to the radio each week


of the population tune in to digital radio every week


of adults in the UK have listened to a podcast**


total average number of weekly hours listened to the radio

Source: RAJAR / Ipsos MORI / RSMB, Rajar Data Release Quarter 1, 2020 **Ofcom podcast survey, April 2021

Slide 2
United States of America

of Americans (+12) listened to terrestrial radio in a given week


62% of Americans (+12) have listened to online audio in the past week


of people (+12) have listened to a Podcast in 2021, at least once


of Americans (+12) have listened to a podcast in the past month

Source: Pew Research Center, June 2021, Infinite Dial 2021

Slide 3

of the European adult population listen to radio weekly


of European youth population listen to radio weekly


million euros the value of advertising investments in the podcast format is expected to reach in 2023

Source: The European Broadcasting Union released a report “Audience Trends: Radio.2021”, July 2021
Statista, Podcast advertising spending in Europe from 2018 to 2023, May 2021

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