Let your brand resonate with Amplifier

Amplifier is a cutting-edge audio technology solution that enhances digital advertising audibility across various channels, ensuring optimal sound quality and engagement for every ad.

Ad buyers identify audibility as the paramount metric in digital audio advertising, underscoring the necessity to verify that their message has been effectively heard.

In AdTonos we went one step further, we make sure your ad was played at its best quality possible regardless of the device.

Advanced Audibility Metrics

Our audibility measurement works across different formats & devices, compliant to Open Measurement standards by IAB.


Amplifier works on most popular models of devices: smart speakers, earbuds, tvs and laptops.

Unparalleled Sound Quality

Amplifier boosts ad quality using presets specifically tailored for the most popular devices.

How Amplifier Works

Innovation pulses at the heart of AdTonos. We are relentlessly pursuing enhancements, exploring untapped markets, and bringing fresh concepts to fruition.

Guided by our foundational principles of innovation, simplicity, and transparency, we’ve embarked on a quest to achieve unmatched audibility. Our aim is to craft not just audible ads, but ads that reverberate with impactful resonance and drive substantial ROI.

Welcome to the symphony of digital innovation, where every note translates to a listener reached, every harmony to a brand recalled.

See the video and join our CEO, Michal Marcinik on a journey to learn the answers why and how Amplifier was built and what results on ROI digital audio buyers can expect from it.

Amplifier guarantees best sound quality in real-time  on all AdTonos inventories from mobile gaming, through radio&music streaming to podcasts for an unparalleled listening experience on the most common devices

Our Technology

Amplifier dynamically elevates the quality of audio advertisements to align with the capabilities of the listener’s device.

Different speakers in different devices exhibit distinct ways of distorting reproduced sound, which is why the same piece of sound can sound different when played on various speakers.

Non-enchanced audio (gray) ad vs. Amplified Ad

Audibility Measurement

Amplifier uses innovative metrics to measure the audibility of an advertisement. Unlike traditional metrics, which might consider an ad ‘heard’ if it plays for a 2 seconds, Amplifier’s metrics are more comprehensive. They take into account factors like the duration of the ad and the volume range of the device especially in the context of lowest possible volume level.

Integration with Various Platforms

Amplifier works across a range of digital audio platforms, including podcasts, radio and music streaming services, mobile gaming, and audio for Connected TV (CTV). This wide integration ensures that advertisements maintain high-quality audio standards across diverse content types and distribution channels.

Scientifically Validated Technology

Amplifier’s approach is validated by scientific research by MRI scan studies that demonstrate the neurological impact of high-quality audio ads. AdTonos research shows how better sound quality can lead to increased listener engagement and recall, translating to higher ROI for advertisers.

Quality is crucial in advertising, both in terms of content and format. AdTonos faced the intricate challenge of measuring with the highest precision whether improved audibility (audio quality) positively correlates with listener perception, potentially leading to an increased ROI for the advertiser.

To explore this theory, AdTonos partnered with Neurensics, globally renowned experts in the field of neuromarketing research, embarking on a research initiative that delves into the subconscious whilst individuals are exposed to audio ads.

To determine the appreciation of a stimulus Neurensics uses Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI), which is a neuroimaging technique used to measure and map the activity of the human brain. 

It is a non-invasive method that allows researchers and clinicians to observe the brain’s functioning in real time while a person experiences different stimuli.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

fMRI is based on the principles of MRI. It uses a strong magnetic field and radio waves to create detailed images of the brain’s structure. These MRI images serve as a structural reference.

Functional Mapping

As the person’s brain responds to the stimuli, the fMRI scanner detects changes in blood oxygenation levels. These changes are converted into images that show which parts of the brain are more or less active during the stimulus.

Blood Oxygenation Level-Dependent (BOLD) Signal

The key innovation of fMRI is the ability to detect changes in blood oxygenation levels. When a specific area of the brain becomes more active, it requires more oxygen and blood flow.

Data Analysis

The collected data is then analysed to create functional maps of the brain, showing which regions are involved in specific cognitive functions, such as motor control, language processing, memory, or sensory perception.

The AdTonos Amplifier Neuro Test analysis was conducted using MRI scans from 20 participants. These individuals were residents of the Netherlands, bilingual in Dutch and English, aged 20 years and above, and represented a cross-section of the Dutch population in terms of gender, age, and educational background.

For the study AdTonos engineers randomly selected 16 ads from the platform’s programmatic demand, of which 8 were in English and 8 in Dutch. 

Filenames of the ads were anonymised using a random 8 character string.  Then, two sets of those ads were prepared: non-enhanced (referred as „flat”) and enhanced by Amplifier – in accordance with previously developed sound studio enhancing pattern for headphones as research participants listened to those ads on headphones.

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Download the full Amplifier Research&Development Report

Download the comprehensive Amplifier report to uncover the full story behind our solution’s creation and its proven results. Delve into everything from an analysis of market benchmarks for measurement, the intricacies of our sound laboratory endeavors, to the conclusive evidence from neuroscience studies.

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