AdTonos is an audio-centric ad tech company offering unparalleled solutions for advertisers and impressive monetisation opportunities for publishers.


Meet AdTonos

AdTonos is a programmatic audio advertising platform that connects advertisers with publishers. The marketplace offers multiple ad placements from well-known pre-rolls, through to mid-rolls and real-time ad replacement for live streaming. This provides advertisers with vast reach across digital audio channels, while radio stations profit from the use of an effective tool that supports them in competition for online budgets and builds new revenue streams.

Brands have, at their fingertips, an easy-to-reach audience of more than 228 million unique online audio listeners and a potential of at least 5 billion ad playouts a month. AdTonos is supported by the UK’s Department of International Trade, helping the company to scale globally, and is a member of IAB UK, IAB Europe and the European Association of Commercial Radios, which represents commercial radio at the European Parliament.

Our Mission

To amplify the uniqueness and intimacy of audio experience for those, who can’t live without music. To unlock the infinite imagination of ad creators. To enrich the sounds of streaming providers.

Who we are

We are passionate about audio, voice technology and digital marketing.
We are a group of people who effectively implement their visions into reality by providing our partners with real values. We can do it because we have many years of experience and the knowledge to do it. We can build a team of professionals and enthusiasts like us.

We are…


We say what we mean and we do what we say. If there is a problem, we don’t bury our heads in the sand, we work to solve it. We provide real-time statistics from each playout to both the advertiser and publisher.

Agile and flexible

We listen carefully to the needs of our partners and we are flexible. We listen to advertisers and publishers. We are constantly improving the customer experience.


We honestly say how it is. We deliver what we promise and we are consistent. On our platform, everything is automated, everything can be checked and everything is visible to our partners in real-time.

Crazy and courageous

We have courage and we have entered into a very competitive industry, where only the highest competencies have
a chance and where innovation is not an empty word. We strongly believe
in the audio world.

Smart and creative

We always find a solution to deliver what we promise. We are constantly thinking about the next innovations and new voice technologies that we can create.

We have a sense of humour

Even though we operate in a very serious industry, on a global scale, we create and implement innovations, we have our sense of humour and we use it every day and that makes our work even more fun!

Meet the Team
Our Partners
Meet the Team
Our Partners

Our integrations, partners & supporters worldwide

AdTonos story

Radio Net Media Ltd Inception

  • Foundation of the Radio Net Media Ltd company and registration in London, UK. 

AdTonos as inCredibles finalist

  • AdTonos (Radio Net Media Ltd) – finalists of Sebastian Kulczyk’s inCredibles acceleration programme. 
  • Development of an innovative ad replacement technology.

The Global Entrepreneur Programme accepted RNM

  • Radio Net Media Ltd has been accepted to The Global Entrepreneur Programme (GEP) ran by the Department for International Trade in the UK. GEP is a mentoring programme for globally-minded entrepreneurs, which aims to create global companies from start-ups helping expand their businesses internationally.
  • Creation of MVP of AdTonos audio advertising platform.

AdTonos – audio advertising platform on the market

  • Release AdTonos – an audio advertising platform on the market. A marketplace connecting advertisers with publishers worldwide. 
  • Commencement of project commercialization and advertising sales.
  • Development of Audiopixel™ – the technology for tracking audio ads is launched on the market.
  • Closing of the pre-seed financial round.
  • Incorporation of Radio Net Media sp. z o.o. Oddział w Polsce with the office in Pomeranian Science and Technology Park in Gdynia, Poland.

YoursTruly™ – interactive radio ads via smart speakers launched on the market


  • Radio Net Media has brought real-time interactivity to live radio with YoursTruly, allowing advertisers to reach listeners via smart speakers with engaging two-way, voice-based communications – release the first on the world Interactive audio campaign via Alexa for Audi brand in London with cooperation with Bauer Group and PHD Agency.
  • Drumbeat, the on-premise solution for streaming providers, has been released on the market. This technology solution dedicated to streaming providers allows the integration of thousands of radio stations with the AdTonos audio advertising end-to-end platform.

YoursTruly™ for Google Assistants – interactive radio ads via smart speakers development


  • Development of interactive audio ads for Google Assistants for all Google Home devices or any smart speaker that has Google Assistant-enabled and on all mobile phones with Android and Google Assistant turned on.
  • Introducing a new Corporate Identity for the AdTonos brand.

Securing seed investment led by BlackSheep VC Fund


  • Closing a seed funding round of $2m from BlackSheep Fund and ProtosNext, among other investors.
  • YoursTruly™ event in London, the official product launch on the market.
  • Sandstorm SDK for mobile gaming development and launch on the market.
  • Incorporation of Radio Net Media Inc in New York, USA
  • Incorporation of Radio Net Media Germany GmbH in Berlin, Germany.

Amplifier and Ad Exchange technology AXE development


  • The advancement of Ad Exchange technology AXE, based on the OpenRTB protocol to elevate programmatic capabilities within audio advertising.
  • Amplifier development, an unparalleled and exclusive technology, measures the audibility of digital advertising across various audio channels and most popular devices and enhances the sound quality of audio ads, elevating them to a premium level.
  • Creation of Twilight, AI-powered contextual podcast advertising, which detects podcast topics, entities, brands, IAB and GARM categories and measures sentiment and emotions, which brand/person mentions.
  • Launch of Daylight, generative AI for audio ads powered by Alexa and Chat GPT. Instantly creates a ready-to-play, two-voice audio ad straight from the conversation with Alexa, along with targeting and campaign settings recommendations.