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tonōs /ˈto.noːs / : latin: tone, sound pitch, musical scale

A platform and marketplace for digital audio advertising changing the game
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What is programmatic audio?

Programmatic audio is a digital advertising format designed for placement in audio content like podcasts, digital radio, and music-streaming services. It can appear on mobile, desktop, or in-app

It utilises algorithmic buying technology and automates the process of ad selling and buying.
Audio formats are now useful not only to raise brand awareness but also
for drawing attention to targeted actions.

The growing popularity of music-streaming services

A growing number of users use music-streaming services. While the premium plans allow users to enjoy ad-free music streaming, some people opt for the cheaper alternative that includes ads. Audio advertising that’s less intrusive and more personal can be considered a more premium kind of advertising and what’s important is that the listeners aren’t physically able to listen (or watch) anything else while an audio ad rolls – which makes the engagement much higher.

Mobile is the main driver of the programmatic audio revolution

Audio on mobile devices is quickly outrunning desktop due to an abundance of convenient formats for mobile content consumption.
Audio on mobile devices grew by 25.3% thanks to podcast proliferation
as reported by IAB. A report from Statista reflects pretty similar results
for the US – digital audio on mobile is a new winner.

Intimate brand-listener bond

With the majority of people listening to audio via headphones, an intimate bond is formed between the brand and the listener. This provides an opportunity to personalize the message to that individual listener.

Well-educated audience

Podcast listeners statistically are more likely to have a college or higher education along with a $100k+ household income. This makes them a very valuable audience from a targeting perspective.

Audio Ads Are Distraction-free

Podcasts are considered a distraction-free medium, as they can reach people in situations when no other media can. Because of the specificity
of content, listeners are m

Resistance to AdBlock

People listening to the audio on mobile devices can’t simply block ads as they can with display ads via ad-blocking tools. This presents an undeniable advantage to advertisers. Unlike in web browsers, users cannot jump to another tab or install an adblocker to get rid of ads altogether.

Benefits for advertisers

  • No competition for user attention due to format specifics. Audios are served one at a time. Unlike visual creatives, ad tracks aren’t placed next to each other.
  • Ability to reach the user outdoors: during morning strolls, while driving.
  • For rewarded in-app audios: after listening, the user gets an incentive that creates positive ad perception, increases engagement and loyalty.
  • Possibility to serve the ad to the users even if they are not looking at the screen at the time.
  • Affluent, tech-savvy, and good quality audiences (mostly millennials and gen Z).
  • Audio programmatic formats are served in the cleanest low-risk environment guaranteed by server-side ad insertion and traffic quality filters.
  • Listening is less dependent on cookies and requires a people-based audio approach which is also very important in regard to GDPR.

Launching campaigns on DSP

If you are interested in launching a campaign on a Private Marketplace instead of bidding among other players please contact us at

Let us know which DSP you want to launch your campaign on, the number of playouts, your seat (user) ID and offered bid per playout (could be also a CPM bid). Our team will be happy to help you and send back a deal ID.

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Audio, radio & podcasts rules!

Slide 1
United Kingdom

of the adult (15+) UK population listen to the radio each week


of the population tune in to digital radio every week


of adults in the UK have listened to a podcast**


total average number of weekly hours listened to the radio

Source: RAJAR / Ipsos MORI / RSMB, Rajar Data Release Quarter 1, 2020 **Ofcom podcast survey, April 2021

Slide 2
United States of America

of Americans (+12) listened to terrestrial radio in a given week


62% of Americans (+12) have listened to online audio in the past week


of people (+12) have listened to a Podcast in 2021, at least once


of Americans (+12) have listened to a podcast in the past month

Source: Pew Research Center, June 2021, Infinite Dial 2021

Slide 3

of the European adult population listen to radio weekly


of European youth population listen to radio weekly


million euros the value of advertising investments in the podcast format is expected to reach in 2023

Source: The European Broadcasting Union released a report “Audience Trends: Radio.2021”, July 2021
Statista, Podcast advertising spending in Europe from 2018 to 2023, May 2021

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