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Advertiser Pricing

  • Business Analyst

    In case you need us for any special task. Price per hour. Any requests will not be carried out without your prior approval. Time&material project budgeting.

    45 £
  • Detailed campaign report

    Just in case you need to dig deep into the numbers.

    25 £


  • Playout – each and every one advertisement played to each and every one listener of your station. Monthly playouts formula: number of played advertisements in a preceding month * number of listeners who heard those ads. For example, 20000 ads played in a preceding month to 7000 listeners equals 140000 monthly playouts.


  • Concurrent listener – listener that has listened to your station for at least one hour. For example, if you use Basic server and have regularly max 2000 concurrent listeners, but one day in a month there would be 3000 people listening for your station for at least one hour that means you would exceed your Basic server plan by 1000 listeners.


  • CPP – Cost Per Play, cost of playing one ad to one listener.

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