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Authority Magazine: Women Of The C-Suite – Katarzyna ‘Kasia’ Bargielska of AdTonos On The Five Things You Need To Succeed As A Senior Executive

You don’t have to ‘act like a man’ as a woman or ‘act like x successful leader’ in order to succeed. It is sexist to think that if a woman is an assertive and capable leader, this is somehow because she is not your typical woman, ‘not like the other girls’; women of all shapes

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FIPP: AdTonos on the exciting growth and future of digital audio advertising

Whether podcasts, radio, or smart-speaker interactions, audio formats have long been difficult nuts to crack when it comes to monetisation. One strategy is digital advertising, which has been going through something of a boom in recent years, partly fuelled by a turn towards audio during the pandemic. One firm helping to connect advertisers with publishers is

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