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Happy 100th Radio Commercial Day!

Celebrating 100 (or more!) years of radio ads 28 August 2022 marks the hundredth official commemoration of Radio Commercial Day! We’ve come a long way since the first Radio stations in the 19th century, which only transmitted morse code before technology advanced to allow voice transmissions. By the 20th early century, transmission technology grew leaps

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RadioDays Europe 2022: New World, New Incomes a guide to growing your digital revenue

The AdTonos team had a fantastic time at RadioDays Europe 2022 in Malmö, Sweden! We just couldn’t wait to meet old friends and explore the exhibitions, so as soon as we arrived in Malmö (just a convenient train ride away from Copenhagen), we eagerly rushed to our hotel rooms and headed straight for the conference

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The future of radio and audio discussed at the European Parliament

Speakers and delegates from more than 15 countries attended a conference at the European Parliament in Brussels on Wednesday (9 October) to discuss the future of radio and audio. The event "Audio Revolution: Radio’s future in an age of tech giants" was organised by the Association of European Radios (AER), the voice of commercial radio

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