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eMarketer UK Digital Users 2021 report and AdTonos comment

„Digital audio has benefited from the UK lockdowns. Even with the reduced commuting time likely eating into mobile audio listening, UK listeners still tuned in to digital audio elsewhere and will continue doing so.”, predict the authors in INSIDER INTELLIGENCE and eMarketer report: UK Digital Users 2021. They compared pre-and post-pandemic user forecasts for four

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ExchangeWire: AdTonos to Deliver Virtual Event Series

Programmatic audio advertising platform, AdTonos has announced the launch of “Audio Sushi” – a new virtual event series featuring contributions from leaders across the digital media space, open to all and kicking off at 11 am GMT on 18th February 2021. As in-person events continue to remain off-limits, “Audio Sushi” offers an online alternative where

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Entering the Age of Audio Interactivity – transformation

“The transformation will ensure that listening becomes even more personal” – said Michal Marcinik in RadioWorldMagazine  Commentary AUDIO INTERACTIVITY Listening to audio is no longer a passive activity as consumers are increasingly comfortable integrating their voice assistants and smart speakers into their everyday lives. A Juniper report revealed that consumers are expected to interact with

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Interactive elements and measurement boost Audio

"However, atop of audio’s unrivalled ability to reach key listeners for brands, is the potential to drive performance and better business outcomes – enabled through innovative measurement technology. " - said Michal Marcinik, Founder & CEO at AdTonos, in ExchangeWire 2021 Predictions series called Audio & Conversational. "One example of this is the integration of

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Optimism for a recovery in marketing budgets

Eliot Kerr, the economist at IHS Markit and author of the Bellwether Report, agrees that although advertising budgets continued to fall sharply at the end of 2020, it was promising that the rate of decline softened following the unprecedented contraction seen during the second quarter. - can we read in DigitalStrategyConsulting article commenting IPA Bellwether

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IPA Bellwether Report Q4 2020 – the industry reacts

Following the release of the latest IPA Bellwether Report, industry executives share their thoughts on the news that the COVID-19 pandemic once again hit UK marketing budgets hard in the final quarter of 2020. - said Tyrone Stewart in MobileMarketing. Katarzyna Bargielska, CMO & Co-Founder at AdTonos, commented on the report: “While reductions in ad spend

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Small rise in marketers’ optimism on vaccine hope

Marketers have enjoyed a confidence boost with a net balance of 18.1% more confident about the financial prospects of their company than three months ago, according to the latest IPA Bellwether report. - commented Robin Langford, the author of the article "IPA Bellwether: Small rise in marketers’ optimism on vaccine hope", Netimperative, January 21, 2021.

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What we expect to see in the audio landscape for 2021?

"Ongoing radio development, propelled - not inhibited - by digital. There are parallels between radio and other well-established broadcast mediums such as TV. For example, much like linear TV, radio is now part of a broader universe, but that doesn’t mean it’s destined to follow exactly the same path." - says Michal Marcinik, our CEO

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Our Co-founder – the Female Entrepreneurs to watch

Our Co-founder & CMO, Katarzyna Bargielska, was acknowledged as one of the Female Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2021 by TechRound! TechRound says: "2020 has to be a year of change, upheaval, the difficulty for many in business and hardship for billions of people around the world with Covid-19. However, an area that has continued to excel

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Digital audio will continue to increase into 2021

While 2020, the pandemic year, was challenging for the advertising and another industry and every prediction is adventurous in such uncertain times, industry leaders, sharing their insights in CXM article, argue embracing proactive adjustment is crucial to success in 2021. "Without a doubt, 2020 served up some unpredictable challenges for the traditional consumer, with extended

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