AdTonos had a wild ride at Cannes! It was amazing to soak in the summer sunshine with our partners like Xandr and A Million Ads, and other companies we’ve worked with like Octave Audio.

AdTonos on Cannes 2022 

Here’s what our CEO and Founder, Michal Marcinik, had to say about the event: 

“It gave us all a long-awaited boost of energy. Cannes is so much more than a business event: it’s an opportunity to build in-person relationships beyond what people are buying and selling. It was a marathon of face-to-face meetings in a relaxed and inspiring setting, with industry leaders who expressed a big interest for one of the fastest growing channels in ad tech – audio advertising.”

Insights from our Partners: Xandr

Xandr’s Daniel Clayman praised Cannes for focusing on the issues raised around changes in third party addressability and new privacy laws.  He highlighted the exemplar role that the retail and travel industries are taking in the shift towards first-part data. 

“The only way to navigate these changes is through consolidation and a less fragmented supply chain, and this can be achieved with tighter, curated marketplaces that connect the buy and sell sides directly.”Daniel Clayman, General Manager, Xandr

Insights from our Partners: A Million Ads

A Million Ads’ Kim Aspeling found Cannes focus on AI and contextual targetting especially valuable. She stressed that progress in music making, vocal track and AI voiceover technologies will spearhead innovation in digital audio advertising. 

“As actionable audio ads allow listeners to interact and shop on the go, they provide a solution when a listener’s day doesn’t go to plan. It’s time actionable audio ads were tailor made, with audiences at the heart of strategies.” Kim Aspeling, Director of Creative Production, A Million Ads

Other Highlights from Cannes 2022

Octave Audio’s Charlie Brookes noted how prevelant digital audio was at this year’s Cannes event, and appreciated that more discussions were being had around where digital audio needs to draw parallels from other digital marketing segments, and in which contexts it needs to continue trailblazing and veering off the beaten path. 

“As digital audio grows at pace, it continues to attract more attention from advertisers and technologists who can see it has a key role in the wider ecosystem.” – Charlie Brookes, CRO, Octave Audio

For more highlights from other industry leaders, read Performance Marketing World’s article

Thank you to the organising team for putting yet another fantastic event together, we look forward to meeting even more partners and clients at Cannes 2023. Catch you all there!