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mental health

Hearing and feeling

Written by Paul Smith, SVP of Commercial, AdTonos This past Halloween, we explored the importance of audio when it comes to inspiring dread and, specifically, how horror films use sound to create an atmosphere of fear, tension, and apprehension. Sound has the power to make us feel: if we consider the range of audio media available to

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Gaming, Mental Health, and Influencer Sponsorship

Post 2020, 51% of the UK population now plays online games, according to research by Marmalade Game Studio and Consumer Intelligence. That’s double the amount of gamers pre-2020! Another surprising trend is that 55% of mobile gamers in the UK are aged 55+; that’s more than double the number of gamers aged 25-34 (which is

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Support Your Wellbeing with Digital Audio: Part 2 of 2

We’re wrapping up Work Life Week with another blog dedicated to wellbeing!  In this second and final blog post on wellbeing (for now!). In this blog, we share some popular podcasts for self-development, improving relationships, and financial literacy. So let’s get started! Best Podcasts and Livestreams for Self-Development On Purpose Jay Shetty’s ‘On Purpose’ podcast

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Support Your Wellbeing with Digital Audio: Part 1 of 2

We’re kicking off Work Life Week with a blog on wellbeing, and great resources to support your wellbeing through audio content! Did you know that digital audio can create the strongest emotional unifier, community builder, and mental health support resource compared to other digital marketing channels?  For example, 55% of Gen Zs and 80% of

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2022’s Podcast Superstars

Have you ever wondered what’s the hype about Podcasts? One of the best ways to understand the pull factor, appeal and opportunities presented by podcasts is to get stuck into a few good podcasts, so why not see for yourself?  Want to go from disasterchef to masterchef from the comfort of your own kitchen? Or

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Mental Health Awareness for Marketers: Empowering Teams

9 -15 May 2022 is Mental Health Awareness Week. While societies have made leaps and bounds in recent years around talking about mental health issues in more positive ways, Simon Dent (founder and managing director of Dark Horses) noted in his 2019 article for The Drum that the marketing industry still has a long way

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