Have you ever wondered what’s the hype about Podcasts? One of the best ways to understand the pull factor, appeal and opportunities presented by podcasts is to get stuck into a few good podcasts, so why not see for yourself? 

Want to go from disasterchef to masterchef from the comfort of your own kitchen? Or maybe you want to help save the planet, learn about social issues, up your self-care game, debunk a conspiracy theory or health fad, or find a podcast to keep your little ones busy? Here are some podcast suggestions to get you started!

For Wellbeing Afficionados:  Poog

Comedians Kate Berlant and Jacqueline Novak poke fun at the trillion-dollar wellness industry by picking apart quirky health fads, talking to healers and trying a range of weird and wonderful products and practices (so you don’t have to!) from snail slime to forays into astral projection.

Sustainability: Green Dream

Dana Thomas explores innovative solutions to the climate crisis with key change makers in an inspiring way, without getting too carried away in the doom and gloom narrative.

For All The Bookworms Out There: Bookclub

BBC Radio 4’s own podcast series invites some of the best of today’s bestselling authors – from Bafta award-winning Dr Benjamin Zephaniah, Nobel Prize winner, Kazuo Ishiguro, and Dayton Literary Peace Prize winner, Margaret Atwood – and has some of the most insightful conversations and q&a sessions for avid readers everywhere.

For Home Chefs: Home Cooking

Samin Nosrat and Hrishikesh Hirway get their masterchef on! Join along with them to create amazing feasts from some simple staples and spices. Each episode is flavoured with their own humour and stuffed with funny mishaps along their culinary careers! 

All About Men’s Health: Men’s Health Minute and Young Blood – Men’s Mental Health 

From sleep and anxiety hacks, exercise tips to ‘thought of the day’ style episodes with Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and actor Elliot Page, each Men’s Health Minute episode packs a punch in as little as 1-5 minutes!

Need a bit more than a couple of minutes?  Young Blood Media’s podcast series explores the #Talk2MeBro campaign and postnatal depression in men, navigating life as a man from an ethnic, religious, disability or other minority group. Each episode features a new, inspiring individual, from suicide attempt survivors to founders of men’s support charities.

Youth-Led Podcasts: The True Skool Podcast

Do you want to support young creators and get that feel-good factor as you listen in? True Skool is a youth community centre based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin specialising in “transformative creative arts and Hip Hop culture”.  The centre empowers young people to tell their own stories through music, art exhibitions and murals. They engage in public speaking and campaigning local representatives to give disadvantaged young people more opportunities to succeed. Check out their website to find out more about the True Skool podcast, and the fantastic work they do.

For Curious Kids: But Why? 

From lighthearted questions ‘like why are pandas black and white?’ to topics like climate change and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, But Why deep dives into questions from its young audience and answers them in an accessible way. 

Social Activism: About Race 

Author Reni Eddo-Lodge’s podcast features the finest of the decade’s anti-racism activists to talk about progress made with today’s activism, and the ground that’s still left to be covered by tomorrow’s campaigns.

Your Daily Dose of Girl Power: The Roxane Gay Agenda (previously Hear to Slay) 

Hosts Roxane Gay and Tressie McMillan Cottom tackle celebrity news, current cultural trends, and love from a feminist angle. Past guests include relationship coach powerhouses like Esther Perel, as well as other key cultural figures like Senator Elizabeth Warren.

Mental Health Pick-me-ups: Unsubscribe The Podcast

Bumble’s (yes, the dating app) podcast on mental health and good vibes covers everything from trusting your instincts to relationship dos and don’ts!

Edutainment: You’re Wrong About

Myth-busting galore, journalist Sarah Marshall addresses misconceptions and conspiracy theories from anything around world events, politics, celebrities, current affairs to true crime… and she sets the record straight!