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women in tech

Authority Magazine: Women Of The C-Suite – Katarzyna ‘Kasia’ Bargielska of AdTonos On The Five Things You Need To Succeed As A Senior Executive

You don’t have to ‘act like a man’ as a woman or ‘act like x successful leader’ in order to succeed. It is sexist to think that if a woman is an assertive and capable leader, this is somehow because she is not your typical woman, ‘not like the other girls’; women of all shapes

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AdTonos’ Dream Team: Women in Tech Part 3

As of August 2022, our workforce is 42% female! As a thank you for their hard work and unrelenting drive to succeed, let’s take some time to celebrate and appreciate them. Our Leading Ladies Bringer of Order to Chaos, our CMO and Co-Founder, Katarzyna (Kasia) Bargielska When asked about her proudest achievements throughout her career

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AdTonos’s Dream Team: Women in Tech Part 2

As of August 2022, our workforce is 42% female!  It’s about time that we celebrate just how phenomenal our ladies are. In this second part of our three-part series of blog posts, we’ll learn more about our Board Assistant, our Social Media and Content Specialists in our Marketing team, and our trailblazers in R&D, their

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