As of August 2022, our workforce is 42% female! As a thank you for their hard work and unrelenting drive to succeed, let’s take some time to celebrate and appreciate them.

Our Leading Ladies

Bringer of Order to Chaos, our CMO and Co-Founder, Katarzyna (Kasia) Bargielska

When asked about her proudest achievements throughout her career (apart from co-founding the first company in the world to make real-time interactivity to live radio a possibility), Kasia said:

“I’m proud that AdTonos has gone through ‘death valley’ during the pandemic, but we have overcome and survived together. Not every promising startup was as fortunate as we were. This is especially important to me because building up AdTonos to the stage we’re at now took – and continues to take- a lot of sacrifice; if you co-manage a growing company and if you want it to survive, ‘full holidays’ or ‘free weekends’ have to wait.”

And Kasia’s favourite thing about AdTonos?

“Anyone can say they have built a ‘dream team’, but I can say this wholeheartedly. Our team is fantastic and is made up of really cool people with the best sense of humour!”

Our Brilliant Business Development Director (UK), Lisa Stevenson

Lisa has over 15 years of experience as a business development media professional, representing some of the largest market-leading brands and spending most of her career in radio, working for GCAP Media, Global where she was introduced to digital audio, sold DAX innovation, and tech. Before joining the AdTonos team Lisa worked at Communicorp UK having the opportunity to manage a team across several radio stations and was responsible for commercial and campaign management.

We’re biased, and already think Lisa deserves all the awards under the sun, but did you know that she won a high achievers awards throughout her career and was selected for Global’s award-winning Masterclass program 17/18? Expect nothing less from our Lisa!

Here’s what she has to say about working at AdTonos:

“I am loving the ride so far and the audio tech innovation is awe inspiring! I’m honestly so proud to be part of this rapidly growing digital audio business. It’s genuinely a pleasure to work with our team, clients and partners.”

Recalling a sweet small gesture that made her feel appreciated, Lisa shared: “As if I wasn’t excited enough about my new role at AdTonos, I received a very cool welcome gift from the team. Thank you all for making me feel so welcome… I’m looking forward to achieving even more amazing things together!”

Our Magnificent Sales Superstar, Magdalena (Magda) Kita

Magda has 20 years of experience in Sales and Marketing, working as a Marketing Specialist at Sp. z o.o. Industry Information Publishing House and AWR Wprost Publishing House.

She was also a Sales Specialist for Marquard Media, Sales Director at Ad-Vice for 2 and a half years, Key Account Manager at IDMnet, Online Sales Director at Grupa ZPR Media, Sales Director at 4 Clover, and Head of Sales at Hitpool.

When asked about what excites her the most about her role at AdTonos, Magda shared that:

“Advertising is dynamic and always changing, and online audio advertising especially will keep on growing and attracting brands. I really believe that AdTonos’ platform will quickly create its own space and make a mark on the map of media standards. Our products truly are innovative solutions. That’s why I feel excited that I joined the team, and have seen us go from strength to strength along the way!”

Our #1 Diversity Champion and Digital Marketing Manager, Nida El Amraoui

Throughout her decade-long career in Digital Marketing and various leadership roles, Nida has advocated for refugees, people with disabilities, women and under-represented ethnic groups and other protected characteristics during her time at ESOL Tutoring Young Refugees, Ottobock, Person Centred Software, and Guider before joining AdTonos.

Nida has had the unenviable task of overseeing the organisation of over 40 events in one year for AdTonos; she’s met this challenge head on and masterfully taken it all in her stride! In terms of highlights, we’re incredibly proud of Nida for stepping in on short notice to deliver a brilliant interview at Advertising Week Europe – if you missed it, you can check it out on our blog!

When asked about her time at AdTonos, Nida said:

“I knew from my first interview with Kasia that she would be one of the best managers I’ve ever worked for – and I have had some excellent managers in the past! Almost a year later, I have no regrets and know I couldn’t have made a better decision.”

More Than Just a Statistic: Join our team!

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This blog is the third and final (for now) part of a three-part series. To celebrate the amazing women in our team, we decided to spotlight the ladies in a three-part series of blog posts, asking them to share their proudest achievements, and their day-to-day experience of AdTonos championing gender equality. Part 1 of our series began by shouting out our newest joiners! To hear from our Assistant to the Board and other ladies in Marketing and R&D, you can read part 2 of our celebratory series on our blog.