As of August 2022, our workforce is 42% female! 

It’s about time that we celebrate just how phenomenal our ladies are. In this second part of our three-part series of blog posts, we’ll learn more about our Board Assistant, our Social Media and Content Specialists in our Marketing team, and our trailblazers in R&D, their proudest achievements and their take on how AdTonos champions gender equality in the workplace.

Without further ado… 

Our Awesome Commercial Support Assistant, Ela Grzesiak

Ela has been at AdTonos for over a year now, and has over a year’s experience as a freelance Business Strategy Consultant.  The name of her game is digital transformation, strategy, innovation and consulting, and this is what makes her such a massive asset to the business!

She received a BA in Cultural Studies from the Academy of Humanities and Economics in Łódź. Ever the lifelong learner, Ela also studied Business management and Innovation at the Escuela Nuevos Negocios, as well as Personal Branding at the Escuela Brandea in Spain. 

As well as Polish, English and Spanish, Ela is also dabbled in Portuguese, so we have no doubt in our minds that Ela’s skills will be massively helpful in our plans to take over the world of audio!

Our Marketing Maestras 

Content Whizz Extraordinaire, Elizabeth Teixeira

Elizabeths proudest achievements are surviving a half marathon (despite being somewhat of a couch potato) and graduating from her BA in Philosophy, Theology and Religious Studies in the top 5% of her year group. 

What really makes her appreciate her role at AdTonos is that: 

“The women in my immediate team and the wider company are really supportive and look out for each other. It also helps that so many of the men in the company are great allies and very family-orientated. Family emergencies and responsibilities come first so there’s a healthier work-life balance for all – a win-win situation!”

Social Media Mastermind, Ewelina Turek

Ewelina has studied at some of the world’s most prestigious institutions in Polish, English, Japanese and Korean, including Oxford, the University of East Anglia (where she studied BA Translation, Media and Japanese, was the president of the Polish Society and a student mentor), Yonsei University, and Waseda. As if this wasn’t impressive enough, she even taught Japanese at Durham University!

“From day one, I’ve been impressed with how willing everyone is to help you improve! It’s been a privilege to work with the fantastic marketing team consisting of our CMO and Co-founder Katarzyna Bargielska, Digital Marketing Manager Nida El Amroui, and Content Specialist Elizabeth Teixeira. I loved attending our Marketing Bootcamp in Gdańsk last month. We got to collaborate in person and enjoy the beautiful Polish seaside – I can’t wait to meet up with the whole team again!”

Our Resilient R&D Techies 

Our Outstanding Problem-Solver and Product Owner, Klaudia Lizak 

Klaudia has done a stellar job at AdTonos, helping us build our platform and interactive voice solutions; before kicking butt in our team, Klaudia was a Product Owner at Unravel, SG Digital and GlobalLogic for 4 years, and has almost 3 years experience as a Junior Software Developer for Ericcson, and an IT Business Analyst for SG Digital and

Her rich experience honed her application designing, MySQL database development, process analysis, troubleshooting and feature implementation skills in C/C++, Git, Gerrit, and Linux. Along the way, she has also gotten involved in software testing, technical documentation writing and Klaudia was a successful scrum master for teams working with Jira and Confluence.

When asked about her proudest achievement, Klaudia shared:

“I am most proud of how my career began. I have never received any technical education. In my early twenties, I studied Buddhology at the Jagiellonian University, which had nothing to do with the IT world. Then, a bit accidentally, I got interested in programming and, using the materials available on the Internet and the support of my friends, I learned how to code and got my first job as a programmer. This is how my career in IT began.”

Our Extraordinary UX Specialist, Oliwia Bukała  

Oliwia had this to say:

“Maybe we don’t have equality training (yet) but we certainly have the power of equality among the team. This is something simply natural for us. I feel like in Adtonos it doesn’t matter what gender you are, where you live, what language you speak etc. Women in AdTonos are represented on every level: we work as assistants, juniors, mid-level, managers and co-founders. 

AdTonos is one of the few technology startups in which one of the founders is a woman! As a Team, we are focused on building the future as we like, whether in terms of technology or creating a beautiful, inclusive community.”

When asked for an example of how she was personally supported at the company, Oliwia shared: 

“AdTonos we have space to develop ourselves in whatever direction we would like. When I first joined the team, more than a year ago, I didn’t know what direction I would like to take my career. As Assistant to the Board of Directors, I helped with accounting, administration, HR, marketing, sales and more. 

Finally, I decided I would like to transition into a more techy role as a UX specialist. The company gave me an incredible opportunity to achieve this. I can see that AdTonos gives the same opportunities to everyone, no matter who you are. It’s really comforting to be part of such a wonderful Team!”

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