2022 has definitely been a year of growth for AdTonos. We’ve grown as a team rapidly with so many brilliant new people joining us, and it’s only onwards and upwards from here!

We’re pleased to announce that we are not far off from our goal of gender balance in the workplace as we continue to branch out into new regions in the US and EU. As of this month, our workforce is 42% female! That’s definitely an improvement from 35% as of last March. We look forward to closing the gender gap further in the coming months.

To celebrate the amazing women in our team, we decided to spotlight the ladies in a series of blog posts, asking them questions about themselves, their proudest achievements and their take on the ways in which AdTonos champions gender equality in the workplace.

So let’s begin with our newest starters!

Aniela Dymiszkiewicz, Krystyna Chupak and Lorraine Hudson

Our Bad*ss Board Assistant, Aniela Dymiszkiewicz

Aniela has impressed us with her ambition, self-motivation, strong organisational and time management skills. Did you know that she’s also a professional Inline and Ice Speed Skater? So not only can she juggle a lot of responsibilities and spin lots of plates, she has the coordination to do it in style on the ice!

Aniela successfully completed her studies in Management at The Agricultural University of Kraków, and in her professional career, she has been responsible for coordinating and planning, ensuring clients and team members’ satisfaction is kept at the highest possible level, and refined her office administrator and receptionist skills.

We endlessly appreciate her proactivity in helping others in the company, even though there is no end to her to-do-list!

Our Customer Support Manager and Septilingual Extraordinaire, Krystyna Chupak

Krystyna’s life goal was to speak 7 languages fluently, and now that she’s working on making her seventh language fluent, she’s considering learning a few more!

“I have already used all the languages I have learned at my previous jobs, and I can recall at least a dozen situations where the knowledge of a certain language or culture helped me to close the deal or solve a complicated problem. It broadens your mind and gives you the chance to see what was hidden from you before. That’s also challenging and helps me be a better version of myself.”

When asked about how she pulled off this remarkably inspiring feat, Krystyna shared that: “as soon as I reached a B1 level in my German, I started to look for a job where the German skills were required. After successfully passing the test in my job interview, I started to answer emails and calls from the clients and coworkers in German. That was a moment when I could clearly see the results of my investment in myself.”

Our Powerhouse Partnerships Manager, Lorraine Hudson

Lorraine, who previously worked for our VP of Strategic Partnerships, Paul Cranwell, joins us with over 20 years’ experience in partnerships. She worked across different sectors a Sales Co-Ordinator for Smooth Radio for almost 6 years, Customer Service Advisor at Staffordshire County Council, Education Senior Sales Consultant at Midland News Association, Account Manager at Free Radio, over 9 years experience with Peach Ethical as an Account Manager and Sales Support Manager, and a Sales Executive for Signal 107.

Lorraine was touched when colleagues reached out before her official start date to welcome her to the company: “My dealings with everyone within the company has only been positive, friendly and extremely welcoming. I am keen to start chatting to you all some more!!!”

To hear from our Board Assistant and other ladies in Marketing and R&D, you can read part 2 of our celebratory series. You can hear from our CMO and Co-Founder, Digital Marketing Manager, VP of Sales, and UK Business Development Director in part three of this series.