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VAST / DAAST integration

The VAST/DAAST integration is for publishers who are using a radio station player supporting the VAST standard.

To add a station of this type please select the option. You don’t have to enter the stream URL of the station source or upload any “Intro” or “Outro” audio files.

Please fill in the information related to your station details such as – broadcaster name, type, content category, and content language. You will also have to choose the platform on which station is broadcasting.

If you choose Web, implementing JS code and adx.txt files will be necessary to start monetizing listeners. A website containing the radio station player will also be required.

If Mobile is selected, inserting app.adx.txt files is obligatory to start monetizing listeners. Please note that for the website for mobile applications you should provide exactly the same website address as included on the developer webpage in the Apple App Store or Android Google Play Store. When the player is embedded in a mobile application it is also necessary to pass idfa or gaid parameter.

To learn more about JS code and Ads.txt implementation go to: https://learn.adtonos.com/docs/publisher/required-actions-on-your-side/

When you are ready press the button „Create”.

From this moment the station is listed in the „Stations” tab with status pending. Each station needs verification by the AdTonos support team which can take up to 48 hours. When the process is finished status will be changed to active. We will inform you about station approval by mail.

When the station has status active, please download your station’s URL output link available in the station details and insert it in your player. Your radio should now be on-air and you can start monetizing your audio stream.

To learn more about VAST/DAAST integration go to: https://learn.adtonos.com/docs/publisher/getting-started/vaast-player-layer-integration/