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This tab describes the Stations screen with a list of your stations. If you are looking for help how to setup a new station please go to: https://learn.adtonos.com/docs/publisher/adding-new-station/

Stations list includes information:

  • Broadcast name
  • Broadcast type
  • Status
  • Output link
  • Listeners
  • Type

Station statuses:

  • Draft – you will see this status during the process of adding a station in the Ads Replacement integration.
  • Pending – this status will be presented when a station is being verified by AdTonos support team.
  • Active – station is reviewed and approved by AdTonos.
  • Inactive – station was deactivated by AdTonos for example for long-term stream errors. You will be informed about the issue with the stream before making radio inactive.
  • Reject – station was reviewed by AdTonos and has not met our policy standards.

Output links

When a station has status Active you can download your Output URL or XML file, depending on the integration type and insert it in your player. Your station should now be on-air and you can start monetizing your audio stream.


Number of listeners for stations in the Ads Replacement integration only is presented.

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