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Ads Replacement configuration

Requirements for Publisher:

  • Ad break markers in your stream
  • Upload Ad break marker audio files to AdTonos – Intro and Outro
  • Configured ads.txt
  • For web player – JS tracking code
  • For mobile app – pass Advertising ID
  • Change streaming URL in your player

For the Ads Replacement integration Pre-roll & Mid-roll are available.

In this type of integration you stream to our server and your listeners connect to us with a new link (output link) you will be provided. The system detects “audio markers” that are played by your radio. As soon as the intro audio marker is detected AdTonos starts to play ads to your listeners, detecting in the meantime the outro audio marker.

You should place into your stream two files:

  • intro
  • outro

Intro and outro should be uploaded into your settings dashboard on AdTonos. Please be advised that if we do not find a matching ad for your listener, we won’t replace ads. Please also find an Autopromotion feature (in your dashboard tab) – if we run short of your ads, f.e. we play one 20 sec ad during the replacement, but the ad break is 30s long, we will start to play Autopromotion. So it is a good idea to upload some jingles there.

We recommend this solution for live radio.

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