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The AdTonos solution for online radio broadcasting replaces on-air commercial break content with targeted advertising, turning spray-and-pray ATL ads into pay-per-play performance marketing. It’s easy to integrate a radio station with the AdTonos platform, with a few elements that need updating on the publisher’s side. The steps depend on the type of integration you select.

What does the AdTonos platform offer your radio station?

  • Advertising campaigns from its direct advertisers or from DSP platforms to monetize your radio stream.
  • Quick and easy integration.
  • Self-promo ads for your station’s broadcast.
  • Referral program with an option to invite your own advertisers directly via the platform.
  • Campaign statistics displayed in real time on your publisher dashboard. You can track your campaigns status, playout numbers, and income 24/7.
  • Ad campaign reports downloadable as CSV files with all your station’s playouts.
  • Easy and transparent billing. Access automatically generated, downloadable invoices in the Invoices tab to see the amount to be paid for ad campaigns played in your radio station.
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