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Autopromotion ads

AdTonos provides its users with the oportunity to broadcast an Autopromotion ad of their station. Please note that only ads that promote a station will be approved, commercial ads are not accepted.

To add an Autopromotion Ad please press „New autopromotion ad”.

Please fill in all required information:

  • Ad name
  • Audio file – should be exactly 8s, 15s, 20s or 30s long & 128kbps, 44kHz, stereo, mp3
  • Station
  • Daily capping
  • Date range
  • Playtime

You can filter the autopromotion list by the following criteria:

  • Last modified at
  • Ad name
  • Ad number
  • Station
  • Date range
  • Status

Autopromotion ads statuses:

  • Pending – this status will be shown when the ad is being verified by AdTonos.
  • Active – autopromotion ad has been reviewed and got approved by AdTonos.
  • Paused – at any time you can pause autopromotion ad.
  • Closed – at any time you can close the ad. Status is also closed when the selected date range of the ad passes.
  • Rejected – the ad was reviewed by AdTonos and has not met our policy standards.