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New Era For Programmatic Audio In Germany

"AdTonos and QuantumCast have implemented a first-of-its-kind technology solution that will grant advertisers access to thousands of radio stations that simultaneously integrate with the end-to-end platform. The audio ads will be played in-stream on radio and will start generating revenue immediately after the radio stations sign up to the AdTonos platform." "This partnership marks AdTonos’

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The partnership with QuantumCast – we are in Germany

AdTonos today partnered with QuantumCast, one of the leading German audio streaming providers, with a self-developed, cloud-based platform for audio broadcasting, who offer audio publishers an auto-scale infrastructure to run radio stations, to extend the monetisation opportunities for supported audio publishers. Marko Elsner,CSO and Co-Founder of QuantumCast AdTonos and QuantumCast implemented a unique

By |2021-10-10T17:11:23+01:00September 17th, 2020|From the market, News|0 Comments

Audio as standard on omnichannel marketing. Tools that work!

You can never get enough of being reminded of the basic marketing tools that work. Online marketing tips that work resemble Evan Varsamis in Forbes. We, marketers, are constantly looking for new and even more effective ways to reach users. Meanwhile, there are a few rules that always work and are worth remembering. The author

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Quality and trust, high share of voice, data-driven creative make digital audio highly attractive for advertisers

With characteristics like a high level of consumer trust, control over high-quality content, and a high share of voice, digital audio is a very attractive channel for advertisers. But until now, digital audio has accounted for just 3% of display advertising. With new tools in the programmatic audio space, this is likely to change in

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How will the programmatic market develop?

At Adform Summit: The Time is Now in Warsaw the speakers raised topics related to the latest trends in advertising, methods of monetization of advertising space and use of data in programmatic. They also talked about the vision of development for the coming years, just like Michal, Adtonos CEO, talked about the power of audio

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