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Radio reach is still fairly stable in Europe according to the EBU

The European Broadcasting Union released a report "Audience Trends: Radio". The EBU’s annual radio audience report presents the latest figures for listening times, reach and PSM market share across Europe. The report discovers radio listening habits across Europe, from the world’s foremost alliance of Public Service Media and gives an overview of radio consumption between 2015

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Is the Car Dashboard Radio’s Next Battlefield?

That's question is asking Ruxandra Obreja, Chairmen of Digital Radio Mondiale in the article in RadioWorld on May 24th, 2021. The author considers whether DRM's (digital transmission system intended for use in the existing broadcasting bands below 30 MHz, long, medium and short waves, AdTonos note) tech features can make it more attractive for hybrid

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What we expect to see in the audio landscape for 2021?

"Ongoing radio development, propelled - not inhibited - by digital. There are parallels between radio and other well-established broadcast mediums such as TV. For example, much like linear TV, radio is now part of a broader universe, but that doesn’t mean it’s destined to follow exactly the same path." - says Michal Marcinik, our CEO

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2019 audio marketing trends

Audio is by no means a novelty. But with the rise in popularity of podcasts, online music streams, and voice-activated technology, it looks like it’s going to be THE channel everyone talks about this year.  According to The Drum, we can expect several audio trends marketers should watch for: Radio has seen a huge comeback,

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