A recent study sponsored by iHeartMedia and PMX and conducted by Magid reveals that radio and podcast listeners see radio and podcast hosts as authentic and trustworthy. Did you know that this can also have a positive effect on brand perceptions? 

The Study’s Findings

  • Radio hosts were found in the study to be “some of the most relatable and trusted influencers” in comparison to TV and social channels.
  • The study also revealed that podcast listeners are 158% more likely to seek an immersive audio experience than listeners on radio, music or other audio channels. 
  • 74% of heavy podcast listeners surveyed confirmed that they listen to podcasts in order to draw inspiration and become more motivated and inspired. 
  • Over 71% of podcast audiences surveyed reported learning new information and found podcasts to be educational.

Audience Loyalty and Connection

As part of the research study, audio listeners refrained from listening to their favourite radio or podcast stations for three days to gauge changes in their mood. Results showed that listeners felt more isolated and “disconnected,” like they were being “excluded from a conversation”. They also reported feeling “lonely,” and “more overwhelmed doing simple tasks.”

The Halo Effect

“Radio personalities are the original influencers. We found they’ve retained that status over time and are now joined by podcast hosts as major influencers in media today. And the data suggests that benefits advertisers in terms of the impact of their campaigns.” – Mike Bloxham, Executive Vice President, Global Media and Entertainment, Magid.

It can be inferred from this study that a high level of trust is placed in these channels, so any brand endorsements and sponsorships will also be viewed positively or at least be given the benefit of doubt. If hosts approve of a brand, and audiences share similar values and interests as their favourite host, then this likely makes listeners much more attentive to and receptive of an advertiser’s key messaging and offer. 

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