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Interactive radio ads

Smart speakers are transforming the way we engage

"Now, smart speakers are transforming the way we engage with radio advertisements. New, interactive radio ads mean that those listening via their smart speaker can interact with the ad through the use of voice commands. Listeners can find out more information, purchase the product or engage in a brand experience." - say the authors of

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YoursTruly offering was used in a campaign for Audi

"Programmatic ad platform AdTonos says a campaign for Audi in London marked the first time interactive audio ads have been launched across commercial radio on smart speakers. The U.K.-based company has a technology called YoursTruly that was used in a campaign in which listeners could react to the Audi ad with a voice command to book test

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The new interactive audio ads you can talk to

Over the past months, we’ve been working on a new technology that allows serving interactive radio ads on smart speakers. Our tests look promising. Meet Yours Truly, the world’s first interactive radio ads Voice-activated shopping is already a thing. According to recent stats, a fifth of smart speaker owners has already bought something through a conversation

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