Over the past months, we’ve been working on a new technology that allows serving interactive radio ads on smart speakers. Our tests look promising.

Meet Yours Truly, the world’s first interactive radio ads

Voice-activated shopping is already a thing. According to recent stats, a fifth of smart speaker owners has already bought something through a conversation with a voice assistant. We’re taking it a step further, allowing consumers to respond to ads in real-time using their voice, just as they would click a button on a display banner or a video.

Our audio ads can contain verbal calls-to-action that prompt listeners e.g. to buy concert tickets, book a test drive, add a product to the shopping cart, etc.

The technology is based on AI and third-party data and will allow:

  • serving interactive radio ads on smart speakers,
  • targeting them to specific audience segments,
  • and measuring the conversion in real-time.

This essentially means everything radio ads were not just several years ago.

Find out more about how it works.

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