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Monthly Archives: September 2022

ExchangeWire: DMEXCO 2022 – What the Industry Thought

AdTonos CEO and Founder, Michal Marcinik, had the great pleasure of featuring in an ExchangeWire article on his takeaways from Cologne’s 2022 DMEXCO conference, which returned this year after a three-year hiatus. “It’s a really exciting time to be working in ad tech, which became very clear at DMEXCO. Industry and business leaders all came

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Celebrating the European Day of Languages

Today is the European Day of Languages! From Greek to Polish, Portuguese to Tmazight, we’re a very multilingual bunch at AdTonos, so we asked the team to give us their top tips when it comes to learning languages! Krystyna Chupak, Customer Support - Russian, English, Mandarin, German, Spanish Watch Movies in Your Target Language "I

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In-Game Audio Ads Deliver Record ROI 

Recent research shows that in-game audio is reaching astronomical heights, with 85% of mobile gaming audiences listening to in-game audio ads from start to finish, and revenues increasing by a quarter! This follows a 30% increase in budget allocated to audio marketing on mobile devices, the web and other content online, according to Mars Media

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The Attention Economy!!

Written by Paul Smith, SVP of Commercial, AdTonos Chances are, if you’re in the advertising business, you may have heard of ‘the attention economy’ (you might have heard of it even if you’re not). The concept in itself isn’t new – the term was coined in a 1971 paper by psychologist and economist Herbert A. Simon –

By |2023-01-05T12:01:02+00:00September 13th, 2022|From the market, News|Comments Off on The Attention Economy!!

Programmers Day Special: Part 2

Welcome back to our Programmer’s Day Special! In part 1 of this special, we spotlighted some of our fantastic junior developers. In part 2 of our Programmers Day special, we’re demystifying Back-End Programming and other roles that may be available in an adtech’s R&D team!  Back-End Programming A lot of our roles within the company

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Programmers Day Special: Part 1

Today’s all about celebrating and appreciating the hard work and massive role that programmers of all shapes and sizes play in creating bigger and better businesses, services and products. Because of programmers, people with additional needs can navigate the world in a more accessible way; life is becoming more and more convenient because of things

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National Video Games Day

Did you know that today is National Video Games day? To celebrate, here are some of our team’s favourite games and recommendations. There will be something for everyone here! Casual/ Mobile Gaming Screenshot of AdTonos' original game, Jungle Trail. Most of the world’s gamers are mobile or casual gamers. Some of our team’s

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Bdaily News: This week’s London appointments

Pierre Naggar and Alex Faust, AdTonos AdTonos has appointed Pierre Naggar, former Global SVP of Demand at Adswizz, and Alex Faust, ex-global head of multi-market sales from Spotify, as the newest members of its board advisors and senior leadership. With over 40 years of experience between them, Pierre and Alex will provide strategic support in

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InsideRadio: Podcast News Bites- AdTonos, Red Circle, She Podcasts Live!

…The audio programmatic advertising platform AdTonos has hired a pair of veteran executives as advisors as its business continues to expand rapidly. Pierre Naggar, former Global Senior VP of Demand at Adswizz, and Alex Faust, ex-Global Head of International Sales at Spotify, are joining the London-based company with operations in the U.S. AdTonos CEO Michal Marcinik said Naggar and Faust will

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Podnews: Global Head of International Sales from Spotify and Global SVP of Demand from Adswizz to join AdTonos

AdTonos, which recently noted 10x annual growth, successfully monetises gaming, podcasts, audiobooks, music and radio streams for over 1000 recognised publishers across the UK, EU, LATAM and the US, has appointed Pierre Naggar, former Global SVP of Demand at Adswizz, and Alex Faust, ex-Global Head of International Sales from Spotify, as the newest members of

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