Welcome back to our Programmer’s Day Special! In part 1 of this special, we spotlighted some of our fantastic junior developers. In part 2 of our Programmers Day special, we’re demystifying Back-End Programming and other roles that may be available in an adtech’s R&D team! 

Back-End Programming

A lot of our roles within the company focus on the back end of our marketplace and applications. An example of a backend role is Computer Programming; these developers create, debug and update new software, websites and applications. They also write and test code so that online services and products work seamlessly. 

Many backend job descriptions overlap with DevOp responsibilities, i.e. ensuring the front end and back end work together. Our very own DevOps Specialist, Arkadiusz Wszołek, has played an integral role in staying on top of monitoring our platform to keep any costly downtime to a minimum. In his own words:

“I manage the entire infrastructure of the company, from system installation to monitoring of each service. I am able to mostly monitor everything myself, and we are constantly working on every detail to have more control over potential failures, and we have set up alerts to go to relevant comms channels inSlack. My greatest achievement in the company so far is the implementation of the zabbix monitoring system as well as the monitoring of metrics using prometheus and visualization in graphana.”

Piotr Bołoz, another one of our brilliant DevOps Specialists, describes his role this way: 

“Though I am not strictly a programmer, as I only write ansible scripts, in the capacity of a Site Reliability Engineer, I do work with and in support of our team of developers. What I appreciate most about my job is that every day is different and contains a lot of interesting tasks. I enjoy my job, and this is all thanks to having a great team that is there to help whenever I need it.”

Leadership and Programming-Adjacent Roles

There are many routes into a job in programming, and you don’t necessarily have to go through expensive academies to land a junior role in developing and rise through the ranks. What if after a few years you decide you want to transition into something a little different within the adtech space? No problem – programming experience can also open doors to developing-adjacent roles. This is true even in our own R&D team! 

Klaudia Lizak, our Product Owner is an excellent example of this. Klaudia taught herself programming skills using materials available online, and with the support of some friends with programming experience. Over 7 years, Klaudia has refined her application designing, MySQL database development, process analysis, troubleshooting and feature implementation skills in C/C++, Git, Gerrit, and Linux. She tested software, created technical documentation, and took on scrum master responsibilities for teams working with Jira and Confluence. Now, she’s a fantastic product owner at AdTonos, and is helping us build our platform and interactive voice solutions! 

Start Your Career in AdTech

So, are you curious about how you can progress your career in developing in the adtech industry? There are honestly too many different types of developers and programming specialisms to list in one or two short blog posts, but you can find out more about the top, in-demand programming roles on job sites like Indeed.

Learning with coding bootcamps always has the drawback of being confined to strict deadlines and a pace dictated by for-profit training providers, who necessarily have to rush learners into graduating onto more complicated tasks, possibly before they are actually ready to encounter these growing demands. 

While it may be daunting to learn coding on the job, many companies like AdTonos can give new coders low-pressure, real-life tasks to build up their confidence and practical experience in a safe, controlled environment that is dictated by the new learner’s pace. To Find out more about AdTonos’ approach to growing our own tech talent in our R&D team, you can read Part 3 of our Thought Leadership Series, featuring our CTO and Co-Founder, Wojciech Lichota.

Another way we support newcomers to programming is through sponsoring events like last June’s WarsawJS meetup. Here, our Software Developer, Robert Kawecki, shared a presentation, where he shared his knowledge to support the next generation of developers. You can read about the event on our blog, or watch it on demand on YouTube if you missed it.

There’s a programming role for everyone! If we’ve convinced you that working for an audio adtech company is the best way to start your coding journey, be sure to check in from time to time on our open positions page to join our team!