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digital audio

Bridging the Gap: Technology as Empowerment

Written by Paul Smith, SVP of Commercial, AdTonos In early August, Project Understood, Gold winner of the 2022 Creative Effectiveness Lions, made the headlines for successfully making voice technology more accessible to the Down Syndrome community. Up until then, the AI driving this technology was only capable of understanding one in three words of those with atypical

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Celebrating the European Day of Languages

Today is the European Day of Languages! From Greek to Polish, Portuguese to Tmazight, we’re a very multilingual bunch at AdTonos, so we asked the team to give us their top tips when it comes to learning languages! Krystyna Chupak, Customer Support - Russian, English, Mandarin, German, Spanish Watch Movies in Your Target Language "I

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AdTonos notes 10x annual growth and secures Seed investment led by BlackSheep Fund

The only independent full-stack digital audio advertising platform and one of the fastest-growing ad tech companies, AdTonos, has successfully closed its seed round. London, UK, 31 August 2022 - AdTonos, which successfully monetises gaming, podcasts, audiobooks, music and radio streams for over 1000 recognised publishers across the UK, EU, LATAM and the US, has today

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Is Programmatic the Key to Recession-Proofing Your Marketing Strategy?

Programmatic media buying traditionally flourishes in times of recession; 2008 turbocharged programmatic media buying and a similar spike was seen in 2020. But will this trend continue in 2022 in the face of the slowing down of ad spend? Benefits of Programmatic Buying in Hard Times Flexibility Recessions allow marketers to reassess their marketing strategy

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Audio in the Workplace

What advertisers can learn from Spotify’s latest offering Different people require different things when it comes to working, but there is one element that many tune into to boost their concentration, or indeed their mood: music. No matter what the jam – or how many beats per minute – music and radio have the power

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You’re Invited to our YoursTruly Celebration!

AdTonos is hosting a YoursTruly Celebration Event in London, 15th September 2022 at East Wintergarden. Leading digital audio advertising platform, and one of the fastest-growing companies in the AdTech industry, AdTonos, will relaunch their YoursTruly solution in London on 15th September 2022 at East Wintergarden.  The UK continues to drive innovation in technology, and AdTonos

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AdTonos had a Wild Ride at MADfest!

MADfest was audacious, loud, busy and absolutely bursting with fun and energy! It was definitely one of our highlight events of the year! There was a great range of different stalls and we loved hearing about the different work that all exhibitors all did. Our Event Highlights The fantastic Emma Raz, Director of Commercial at

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