AdTonos is hosting a YoursTruly Celebration Event in London, 15th September 2022 at East Wintergarden.

Leading digital audio advertising platform, and one of the fastest-growing companies in the AdTech industry, AdTonos, will relaunch their YoursTruly solution in London on 15th September 2022 at East Wintergarden. 

The UK continues to drive innovation in technology, and AdTonos is an independent driver of development in the digital audio space. AdTonos, a London-based startup, has developed into an independent audio ad-tech company with a platform that is easy to use and gives advertisers and publishers full control of their ads. Currently, AdTonos are re-launching their product YoursTruly, which has been featured in Digital Strategy Consulting, Customer Experience Magazine (CXM), Radio+Television Business Report MobileMarketing, RadioCentre, TudoRadio and Due to the pandemic, we unfortunately had to postpone the launch of this product in 2020, so we are very pleased to be able to invite you all. 

Come join us at the stunning East Wintergarden venue – just a short train ride from central London, and a short walk away from the iconic Canary Wharf business district! All are invited on 15th September from 6pm onwards for welcome drinks and networking over canapés. We will be offering much more than canapés: in an exclusive space for industry leaders, innovators and disruptors, we will also serve valuable insights into today’s rich audio landscape, explore how we can maximise real-time, interactive ads via smart speakers, and explore the fast-growing opportunities that the modern audio environment has to offer.

In an evening not to be missed, we will present YoursTruly to an audience of over 100 agency representatives, CMOs, journalists and our partners. We understand that for many reasons, some of you may not feel comfortable joining in-person events, may be at higher risk, or may care for vulnerable loved ones. For this reason, we have decided to make this a hybrid event, to ensure that our launch evening is as accessible as possible, for as many people as possible. Our commitment to you is to take every possible precaution to ensure that this event is Covid-safe, so if you choose to attend in person, rest assured that your wellbeing is our highest priority. 

Whether you join us in person or online, we have plenty of special surprises in store for you all! For the first time, we will screen our brand new short video, and we will share some success stories from the last two years. Register here to hear from our very own CEO and Founder of AdTonos, Michal Marcinik, our VP of Strategic Partnerships Paul Cranwell and SVP of Sales, Paul Smith, before opening the floor to the evening’s sponsor/ partner. 

Insights into the Future of Audio Advertising

Did you know that 640 million smart speakers are predicted to be installed by 2024 (Statista), or that 52% of internet-using UK households own voice-activated speakers (Digital TV Europe)? Future developments will lead to more voice-led tasks such as starting a car with a voice command, so in anticipation of this trend, we have already developed interactive voice capability for audio advertising, allowing listeners to interact in real-time with the advertiser through YoursTruly. This solution is enabled by our publishers, who include radio broadcasters or mobile apps. It works on all Echo devices, mobile devices or smart speakers that have Alexa enabled, or most other voice assistants enabled. It also works on all mobile phones with Android and voice assistant turned on, or iPhones with an active Alexa App. 

“The first-of-its-kind campaign we deployed for Audi lays the foundation for audio and voice advertising innovation globally. As the channel continues to grow – with the global voice-based smart speaker market predicted to be worth $30billion by 2024 – we’re keen to continue exploring audio’s strengths as part of fully integrated marketing strategies.” – Phil Rowley, Futures Director at Omnicom Media Group

Audio advertising such as the solutions offered by AdTonos have been undervalued for too long, especially when considering the huge market share of audio in comparison to how much time the average person spends reading newspapers, and how budgets are and with only a fraction of the budgets put towards it. As a market, 89% of people (49.5 million adults) listened to live radio on average for 20.3 hours per week (Radio Today). 50% of people have listened to podcasts (Ofcom). A recent study also showed that advertisers on podcasts benefitted from a 62% increase in positive customer brand perception. The significance of audio cannot be understated. AdTonos recognise this, which drives their continued leadership in digital audio. In advertising, there is a real need being fulfilled by British innovation, by companies like AdTonos. Audio is an essential part of many people’s lives, and AdTonos are international leaders from the UK driving the tech and innovation to enable it.

“AdTonos has raised the benchmark for audio engagement with the launch of YoursTruly and we’re excited to be working with them as they transform the future of radio ads. The rapid technical integrations via SDKs is testament to how fast the industry can innovate, and the opportunities for broadcasters, brands, and audiences alike are vast.” – Charlie Brookes, Director Revenue at Octave Audio

You can see this product first-hand by joining us in London for our re-launch event here.