Our brilliant SVP of Commercial, Paul Smith, recently travelled to New York and is having an absolutely amazing time! In one of his last updates to the team, Paul positively glowed: 

“This has probably been the best Monday of my career! Kicking off with a meeting with Pfizer over coffee in midtown Manhattan, then over to Wall Street and our new office at the World Trade Centre for meetings and interviews, before shooting over to meet with Oliver Yonchev for some inspiring insights and likeminded outlook to business and background, finishing off with a dinner with Mike Kearns and CRO partners…” 

In just 4 days, he has had 13 meetings with established partners and prospective clients including Louis Naimoli (Haymarket Media US), Tom Larkin (DAX) and others from Dentsu, QUIGLEY-SIMPSON & HEPPLEWHITE INC, Flight Story, Cro Partners Ltd. (Cro Partneri), and Pfizer and more, which is incredible. 

The Standout US Market

From a digital audio marketing prospective, what makes the US such a fantastic market? There are honestly too many reasons to list! For example, did you know that:

Digital Audio Advertising: Worth the Investment?

The picture that these statistics paint is a very bright one for the future of audio advertising in the US; there will be 424 million podcast listeners worldwide by the end of 2022, and US audiences will be among the largest consumers of the estimated 69 million podcast episodes that exist out there! Gaming was predicted to generate $175.8 billion in consumer spending in 2021. With as many as 1 in 5 US citizens interested in gaming streams, it’s easy to see the huge potential to place audio ads on gaming streams that are being watched on mobile devices.

The US Audiobook Boom

What’s more, with audiobooks so prevalent in the US, and given the phenomenal growth in revenues the medium has seen for the last 10 consecutive years, opportunities to engage with US audiences are too good to pass up. For these reasons, we’re so excited to have expanded in the US, with our first ever US office opening in none other than the legendary Big Apple itself. 

“New York still really is the central hub of global media, with some of the world’s biggest brands and media concepts born out of New York. I was really thrilled to see the excitement around audio and that this is the space the brands and agencies want to hear all about and see growth in. My recent trip really cements our plans for growth as a business, and I can’t wait to be back to set new partnerships and deals in motion.” – Paul Smith, SVP of Commercial, AdTonos

It’s onwards and upwards from here!