MADfest was audacious, loud, busy and absolutely bursting with fun and energy! It was definitely one of our highlight events of the year! There was a great range of different stalls and we loved hearing about the different work that all exhibitors all did.

Our Event Highlights

The fantastic Emma Raz, Director of Commercial at NumberEight, graced the stage with her presence. We were awestruck by the food, atmosphere, drinks, music, and fun little quirks. We’ve never been able to drink a pint with our own selfies printed on at other events, and what better place to dabble and try something new?

We had the privilege to be joined by Geneviève Benoit from Gingermay and our partner in crime and friend, Roger Cutsforth, Founder of White Label Studio, who are always a pleasure to be around and speak with.


Special Thank Yous

We enjoyed meeting old friends and making new connections at MADfest. We’re pleased that we have had such fantastic and promising conversations with new people and potential partners. Thank you in particular to Jessica Jeavons (Digital Voices), Jonathan Hardy (University of the Arts, London), Yossi Meshulam (Ripples), Kat Hendry (MediaTel) and so many more!  We’ve already booked our stand for next year, so catch you all in 2023!