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Monthly Archives: June 2022

Glastonbury 2022: How audio streaming reinvented live music for home viewing

Michal Marcinik, CEO and Co-Founder, AdTonos writes about the recent coverage of Glastonbury at the BBC. Worthy Farm welcomed the world-famous Glastonbury Festival back for the first time post pandemic for a belated 50th anniversary last week. The event is so integral to English culture that a ‘fallow year’ (a year to let the grass

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AdTonos and Collision 2022

Collision began with an impressive line-up of tech start-ups presenting their pitches to an audience of hundreds of people. From fintechs to software testing networks, climate change solutions to bidding and contracts platforms, an intriguing array of businesses brought their missions to life on stage! Some of the Stand-out Startups We Heard From Startups like

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MediaShotz: Why the power of sound and music are eternally linked to our geo-politics

Millions watched from around the world as Ukraine sang its way to Eurovision victory, showing that, even in the darkest of times, music and sound can provide some kind of relief, perhaps even rally the spirit. In fact, as Michal Marcinik, CEO of sound-based adtech AdTonos, explains below, music and sound have a powerful connection

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The Smart Speaker Audience in 2022

The Smart Speaker Audience at a Glance  What does the audience for smart speaker audio look like in 2022 so far? A recent study by NPR on Smart Audio surveyed 1190 smart speaker owners, 560 users of voice-operated assistants on non-smart speaker devices and 584 users of non-voice enabled devices. The ways in which smart

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Audiobook Revenues Grow by 25% in 2021

It’s the perfect time to be a publisher or an advertiser on audiobook platforms! Audiobook audiences and revenues have grown for 10 consecutive years, and in 2021 alone, revenues increased to $1.6 billion. That’s a huge 25% boost in revenue!  The Most Popular Audiobooks Genres  In 2021, approximately 74,000 audiobooks were published, with Science Fiction

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AdTonos Has a Blast at ATS London

AdTonos had the great privilege to attend ATS London 2022. Many thanks to the ExchangeWire team for putting together such a brilliant event!  Listen Up: Why Audio Needs to Make its Mark in the Digital Advertising Landscape We were so excited to have the opportunity to talk about how digital audio is having its heyday,

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