Digital Audio for Publishers

Have you heard? Podcast ad revenues will reach an estimated £64 million by 2025 in the UK alone, and audiobook revenues are through the roof! Digital audio ad spend on podcasts is predicted to increase by 47% to $2.1 billion in the US market in 2022. So with digital audio’s growth shows no sign of decline, it’s worth asking: what can publishers do to make the most of digital audio’s potential?

According to eMarketer, US audiences listen to an average of 97 minutes of digital audio daily. It is wise to follow the trend and 80% of publishers who are devoting more resources to advertising on podcasts. 

Establish your Content’s Purpose

If you intend to simply inform and share information with your audience, then a transcription of text can create audio content very rapidly. Do you want to create loyalty and familiarity among your target audience? Then consistency in the quality and quantity of your audio content is a must. Want to create an enthralling listening experience? Longer form, investigative content can pull in thrill-seekers and potentially go viral. 

Not sure what style is best for your existing audience? You can partner with an adtech like AdTonos to leverage first party data and filter against over 300 IAB taxonomies to better understand your audience’s interests and shape your content to better match their interests. The Adtonos platform’s real-time analytic tools for marketing campaigns provides immediate feedback from the first full ad playout. This allows publishers to develop a more effective marketing strategy and deliver more successful campaigns.

Monetisation with Audio Ads

Dynamic ad insertion (DAI) – which is made possible through adtech solutions such as YoursTruly –  is taking the world of digital audio advertising by storm, with 84% of all podcast ads in 2021 featuring DAI technology to place ads uniquely tailored to each unique listener, in a 100% digitised way. Programmatic advertising allows for more efficient targeting in the most brand-safe advertising environments.

Why recreate the wheel by starting from scratch as a small to medium publisher, when you can benefit from the same vast, pre-existing ad inventory that bigger competitors have access to, at a budget that works for your team? Here, AdTonos has you covered. You can find out more about perks for publishers and demo the platform here.

Realistic expectations of input vs output

While simply converting text into speech by embedding text-to-audio functions can save a lot of time and money in content or ad creation, they seldom create what audiences want to listen to. Robotic and monotonous narration discourages listeners from sticking around in the long-term. Poor audio quality can also have a negative impact on the trustworthiness of the content.

Rather, publishers with limited resource should seek a medium between automated text to audio and thoughtlessly repurposed ads, and creating well-researched, daily audio content and ads. For more support and more information on monetising audio content, click here.