Collision began with an impressive line-up of tech start-ups presenting their pitches to an audience of hundreds of people. From fintechs to software testing networks, climate change solutions to bidding and contracts platforms, an intriguing array of businesses brought their missions to life on stage!

Some of the Stand-out Startups We Heard From

Startups like iDIG and Plato Testing inspired us all with their dedication to empower indigenous communities. iDIG is a digital platform that connects indigenous business with oil, gas, forestry or mining industries, and specialises in the bidding/ contract process to create hundreds of jobs for indigenous people to enable their social mobility. Plato Testing (sister company of PQA Testing) upskills and employs Indigenous software testers from First Nations, Métis and Inuit communities. InnerPlant is revolutionising the agricultural industry through their use of ‘Living Sensors’ on plants that helps reduce chemical use, increases crop yields, and targets crops in need of more attention and care.

Have you ever been frustrated at how artificial interactions with AI chatbots can be? uses its patented Designed Experiential Intelligence TM platform to adapt AI communication based around a unique user’s personality and preferences to make automated AI interactions seem more human. We also heard from Xare, which empowers transnational families who may otherwise struggle to transfer money or help their relatives set up more specialised bank accounts of their own. 

Adtonos' Nida El Amraoui and Kasia Bargielska stand in front of the Women in Tech Lounge sign

People We Met Along the Way

It was an absolute privilege to meet so many new people and build new connections in Canada. Thank you to Sonny Cho from Global Public Affairs and the Canada Korea Business Council, Satoko Ohtsuki from Spider Labs, Hemal Jivani from Trade X, Yassine El Hamzaoui from Business France and so many others for stopping by our stand to discuss the scope for partnership and collaboration. 

Hands down one of the highlights of the event was bumping into a real-life doppelganger of one of our mascots, and he looks every bit as much of a rockstar IRL!

We had an absolutely brilliant time in Toronto, what a beautiful city! We look forward to visiting again and expanding our North American networks even further. FOMO getting the better of you? You can watch recordings of the open night, Day 1, Day 2 and Day 3 on demand on YouTube.