Did you catch our CEO, Michal Marcinik’s talk at The Next Web? Michal helped counter the misconception that audio is a ‘victim of the background’. Rather, technological evolution throughout history has been driven by audio, and so it’s safe to say that audio can play a massive role in the proliferation of advertising in the metaverse.

“Audio advertising is no longer radio advertising, it is no longer spray and pray advertising, it is data-driven, it is measurable, it can be targeted, so it’s a very different set of features, a very different power that audio can deliver now”, said Michal.

“Audio can blur into the background but can also command attention, and digital audio adspend is the fastest growing segment of digital marketing as a whole. For the first time in history, you can talk to the ads you hear using adtech solutions like YoursTruly. Soon to launch in 2022, Twilight, an adtech solution for podcasts, will be able to measure the sentiment and content of podcast episodes to enable greater analysis of audio content and more opportunities for monetisation.” – Michal Marcinik, CEO, AdTonos

Audio Advertising in the Metaverse: Next Steps for Marketers

So what does this mean for advertisers looking to introduce more audio into their marketing strategies? Do they need to create sonic logos first before investing in audio advertising at all? Michal reassured listeners that “to start your advertising journey online you don’t need an audio logo first, all you need is the audio creative. You can upload and start your campaign within a couple of clicks.”

On average it takes 51 seconds for listeners to go from listening to an ad to visiting the advertiser’s website. Adtech solutions like Audiopixel goes one step further – it allows e-commerce remarketing, and making the creative dynamic, replacing ads in real-time to better fit each unique listener based on their previous brand exposure, purchase intent, or other IAB taxonomies.

Want to find out more about adtech solutions to increase the ROI of audio advertising on mobile games and podcasts? You can watch Michal’s talk on demand on YouTube. You can also check out our adtech solutions like Audiopixel and YoursTruly.