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Ads during Alexa voice games – a new niche for audio ads discovered

Players posted on social media that Alexa is placing ads during voice games as reported by It seems to be an unannounced test by Amazon because developers can’t include ads into Alexa skills according to current policy. Looks like we’re going to have one more niche for audio advertising. The whole thing started with

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Audiosushi with AdTonos. Watch the webinar!

That was just a fantastic meetup! On behalf of Emir Teffaha, the moderator and Michal Marcinik, AdTonos CEO and Founder, we would like to thank our panellists once again: Anna-Lena, Charlie Brookes and Simon Thomas. Thank you for your interesting insights. We invite all those who couldn't join us to watch the webinar now.

By |2021-10-22T08:57:01+01:00February 19th, 2021|From the market, News|0 Comments

Entering the Age of Audio Interactivity – transformation

“The transformation will ensure that listening becomes even more personal” – said Michal Marcinik in RadioWorldMagazine  Commentary AUDIO INTERACTIVITY Listening to audio is no longer a passive activity as consumers are increasingly comfortable integrating their voice assistants and smart speakers into their everyday lives. A Juniper report revealed that consumers are expected to interact with

By |2021-10-22T08:58:16+01:00February 6th, 2021|In the media, News|0 Comments

“Audio Is Among 2021’s Hottest Trends In Media.” – says Carat

"The advertising giant Carat says one of the hottest media trends for 2021 is 'screen-free media' and audio is poised to benefit. 'Voice and audio have gotten an unexpected boost from the pandemic' says Carat in its annual report on the biggest trends in advertising" - we quote from InsideRadio, who discusses the latest Carat Trends

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You Can Talk to Your Radio Ads: Wojciech Lichota, our CTO   Everyone who couldn't or didn't have time to watch it live, we invite you to an interview with Wojciech Lichota, conducted by Jakub Grajcar from STX Next. A large range of information related to voice technologies in an accessible and understandable form. We strongly encourage you to watch.  

By |2021-10-10T16:01:10+01:00December 10th, 2020|From the market, News|0 Comments
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