Players posted on social media that Alexa is placing ads during voice games as reported by It seems to be an unannounced test by Amazon because developers can’t include ads into Alexa skills according to current policy. Looks like we’re going to have one more niche for audio advertising.

The whole thing started with a Mark Frizzell’s tweet. He posted that he was playing one of the most popular Alexa games “Question of The Day” and he has heard an inappropriate (in his opinion) ad played.  He asked QOTD about a possibility to disable ads, and then he was advised to sign up for Alexa’s Trivia Club ($2.36 a month). ran tests but unfortunately didn’t bump into any ad. Therefore, they assume that ads are in a testing phase and appear sporadically for now. Amazon did not respond to the request for comment. mentioned AdTonos in their article as an early player on the voice commerce market reminding readers about our interactive campaign for Audi in which the ad would ask if listeners wanted to book an Audi test drive. 

As Voicebot founder, Bret Kinsella, says “Ads are coming to Alexa skills near you. I’m guessing that Amazon will want a cut of the action and might even be selling the ad space”.

This is great news for all of the advertisers who would like to use our Yours TrulyTM technology to make their ads on smart speakers interactive. It means there will be even more advertising space on the smart speakers who are constantly gaining popularity anyway. 

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