Digital audio advertising platform AdTonos has this week launched YoursTruly – a new audio advertising solution that allows listeners to interact with ad creative by voice, in real-time. The technology integrates with both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, working on smart speakers and most Android mobile phones. Listeners can respond to an ad in real time to receive more information or perform other actions.

“We believe that YoursTruly is state-of-the-art when it comes to fulfilling the untapped, thrilling potential for innovation in the Ad-tech space,” says Michal Marcinik, CEO & Founder, AdTonos. “Truly, we feel success in adtech is all about the simplicity of use for brands and advertisers – and in the listener experience.”

To celebrate the launch, AdTonos will on November 8th be hosting a celebratory event in London, which will provide industry leaders with insights into the next era of audio advertising, and will also be streamed worldwide for those who are unable to attend physically.

The company says that YoursTruly gives brands the power of real conversation with consumers through voice activation technology, which it believes represents an evolution in current ad-tech offerings. You can find out more about the solution here.