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Monthly Archives: August 2022

Team AdTonos’ Gran Canaria Summer Camp

AdTonos truly have had a phenomenal year in 2022. So far, we’ve smashed records and generated a gross revenue of over higher than we could have dreamed of before! In June, our ad inventory achieved over 10 million impressions. Direct sales hit a record and burst our targets, and closed off July with an even

By |2022-09-06T11:51:02+01:00August 15th, 2022|Uncategorized|0 Comments

YoursTruly™ – Welcome To the New World of Audio Advertising

Leading digital audio advertising platform, and one of the fastest-growing companies in the AdTech industry, AdTonos, re-launches YoursTruly™, an interactive voice solution for audio ads on smart speakers. Multifaceted Audio Advertising with AdTonos As a comprehensive audio ad suite, AdTonos offers a wide array of solutions for different audio channels, including radio stations, podcast channels,

By |2022-08-12T12:06:23+01:00August 15th, 2022|Uncategorized|0 Comments

Powerful Programmatic Meets Cool Creative: Making the Most of Today’s AdTech

Digiday highlighted that more focus is being shifted away from single-mindedly optimising ad placement and to advertising creative. No amount of behavioural, contextual targeting or data-driven campaigns will fully compensate for abrasive sounds, unattractive visuals or stale storytelling in adverts. So how can we get the most out of programmatic ads to boost their performance?

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2022’s Podcast Superstars

Have you ever wondered what’s the hype about Podcasts? One of the best ways to understand the pull factor, appeal and opportunities presented by podcasts is to get stuck into a few good podcasts, so why not see for yourself?  Want to go from disasterchef to masterchef from the comfort of your own kitchen? Or

By |2022-08-11T10:43:17+01:00August 11th, 2022|Uncategorized|0 Comments

Advertising Week: Up in the Air – Bringing Consumer Confidence Back Down to Earth

AdTonos CEO and Founder, Michal Marcinik, writes for Advertising Week on how digital audio advertising can support industries hard-hit by the pandemic.   In the wake of the global pandemic, many who missed out on seeing friends, relatives, and distant sights were keen to get back on the travel train. On the supply side, brands are

By |2022-08-11T12:10:40+01:00August 10th, 2022|In the media, Uncategorized|0 Comments
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