Leading digital audio advertising platform, and one of the fastest-growing companies in the AdTech industry, AdTonos, re-launches YoursTruly™, an interactive voice solution for audio ads on smart speakers.

Multifaceted Audio Advertising with AdTonos

As a comprehensive audio ad suite, AdTonos offers a wide array of solutions for different audio channels, including radio stations, podcast channels, mobile gaming and online streaming channels across desktop and mobile devices. Our Software As A Service (Saas) provision makes the audio advertising marketplace more accessible to advertisers and publishers. For advertisers, our Demand Side Platforms (DSP) provides the opportunity to reach premium inventory at competitive prices. For ad publishers, we have provided a Supply-Side platform (SSP) which allows publishers to integrate their inventory with the best DSPs available, and allows for reports to be generated from precise playout times to bookings.

AdServer Ad Replacement/ Playout Integration

AdTonos developed a solution for audio advertising, where listeners can have interaction with the advertiser through voice-activated ads. YoursTruly is our interactive voice solution for smart speakers and Alexa or voice assistant-enabled mobile devices. Compared to static radio listeners, online radio listeners will get more targeted ads that they are more likely to engage with through YoursTruly’s real-time ad replacement. With just a couple of lines of code, YoursTruly allows advertisers to reach listeners with engaging two-way, voice-based communications through their smart speakers; these adverts are delivered across Octave’s varied portfolio of radio stations.

“AdTonos has raised the benchmark for audio engagement with the launch of YoursTruly and we’re excited to be working with them as they transform the future of radio ads. The rapid technical integrations via SDKs is testament to how fast the industry can innovate, and the opportunities for broadcasters, brands, and audiences alike are vast.” – Charlie Brookes, Director of Revenue, Octave Audio

YoursTruly™: How it Works

AdTonos will receive a request to deliver an interactive ad as the first in a series of ads that will run once a unique listener reach an online radio station’s ad break. Once our solution matches the unique listener to a prioritised field, for example, the city they live in, then a relevant ad will be played, which will include an interaction trigger. The listener can react to the ad by saying one of two voice commands, which then kickstarts the interaction between the voice assistant and the unique listener. As soon as the listener picks one of two interaction options and completes the two-way voice interaction, they will return to the radio stream or podcast.

Interactive Ads: Three Types of Actions 

YoursTruly allows listeners to carry out three types of action: booking a visit or appointment, requesting a booking link be sent to them via SMS or email, and finally, requesting information be sent via their preferred method of contact. 

Successful Case Studies (Automotive Industry)

The YoursTruly technology was successfully debuted via an ad campaign that Omnicom Media Group’s PHD planned and delivered for Audi and targeted London’s commercial radio stations in a worldwide first — including Absolute Radio, Kiss Radio and Magic Radio. Audio ad playouts were set to increase day by day, starting on the second week of September to control the process. Listeners could easily book test drives for the brand’s latest model through voice-activation on their smart speakers. The campaign also harnessed intelligent geolocation technology to help listeners select their nearest dealership. Of 547,784 total playouts across Magic, Kiss and Absolute, there were 507 interactions.

Phil Rowley, Futures Director at Omnicom Media Group said of the campaign delivered for PHD’s client Audi: “The first-of-its-kind campaign we deployed for Audi lays the foundation for audio and voice advertising innovation globally. As the channel continues to grow – with the global voice-based smart speaker market predicted to be worth USD$30bn (£22bn) by 2024 – we’re keen to continue exploring audio’s strengths as part of fully integrated marketing strategies.”

More information about our successful case study for a car leasing client is available here. Find out more about our success with a car dealing client here

Successful Case Studies (Financial Industry)

One of our clients, a global finance brand specialising in personal loans, aimed to engage and attract new unique users to their website, generate new leads and increase sales. Of over 250,000 unique listeners, 438 unique users visited the client’s website. 148 loan applications were sent, representing a 34% visit to lead conversion rate. Find out more about this case study here. 

“YoursTruly is set to drive unprecedented progression across the audio advertising industry. By allowing advertisers to dynamically insert interactive ads in live radio content, the tool paves the way for instant, two-way communication that will not only increase conversions, but also forge stronger links between advertisers and valuable radio audiences.”Michal Marcinik, CEO and Founder, AdTonos

YoursTruly™: Unique Value Propositions

As a solution, YoursTruly™ boasts improved measurability of user interaction with ads, click-through rates, and is available on all platforms for independent operators. This product also provides unique listeners with the opportunity to positively shape all subsequent ad experiences and play a part in creating a mutually beneficial relationship between them and advertisers.

To attend the relaunch celebration event, register here. More information about YoursTruly can be found here.