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Editing the campaign

To edit the campaign go to the Campaigns section in the top menu. Please be advised that it is possible to edit campaigns that are Active or Paused.

  1. On the Campaigns list view, find the campaign you want to edit and click the campaign name.
  2. In the upper right corner you will find buttons: Active, Back, Edit, Copy and CSV Report.
  3. If you want to Pause or Close the campaign click the Active button and select the new state.
  4. By clicking Edit a new screen with all campaign options will appear. Update any of the settings listed.
Please note that uploading or removing the current audio file is not allowed. If you need to change the creative you have to launch a new campaign and send it for approval.
  1. As soon as you edit your campaign and update the settings click save.
  2. Your campaign setup will be updated automatically, however it may take a couple of minutes.
Editing your campaign will affect its budget and estimated audience. Please double check your new settings before saving.