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Targeting options

During this step of setting your campaign, you will be able to define detailed targeting features.

Most of our targeting options are based on the result of audience measurement by several combined methods of statistical, mathematical and probabilistic forecasting provided by third-party companies or algorithms developed internally. We can not guarantee its exact match to the listener profile. However, during our periodical tests, the results were about 80% correct. 

Targeting options recently added to the system are marked with an "Experimental" tag and those results are still being reviewed.

Some of the targeting features are free, some are billed extra and added on top of your Cost Per Play bid. To find out the price just hover your cursor (or tap on mobile device) over (i) icon.

On the top right of your screen there are two pieces of information displayed:

  • Targeting cost: This shows the extra playout price of targeting features selected. This will be added to every single playout, in other words to every single ad played to one listener.
  • Expected audience: This shows unique listeners you will reach with the current set of features.
Please note that the data is refreshed in real time and depends on the current parameters set of your campaign.
Please note that targeting features have different options and if none selected, your campaign will be targeted to all available options in that criteria at no extra cost.
  • Device: select the device(s) you want your campaign target to,
  • Languages: select the default language set on the listener’s device. It is very likely that this would be the native language of your target listeners,
  • Country: Select countries you want your campaign to be run to,
  • City: depending on the Country selection a list of cities will be loaded, select cities you want your campaign to be targeted to,
  • Geotargeting: insert latitude and longitude of the chosen place and select radius,
  • Remarketing: select this option if this campaign should be played to listeners who have visited your website,
To learn more about Remarketing and our Audiopixel™ see:
  • Gender: select this option to target your campaign,
  • Age: select this option to target your campaign,
  • Interest: select one or multiple interest targeting options from the list,
  • Intent: select from the list of listeners’ purchase intents,
  • Brand: select from the list of brands that listeners are often exposed to,
  • Events: this is a separate targeting option, where some important event interests are added (like Worldwide Olympics or Super Bowl), however from time to time we place here ad-hoc segments (like Food Delivery during COVID-19),
  • Content language: select from the list of languages,
  • Content category: select from the list of categories.