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Campaign Details

The first step to launching your campaign is to add all the below details:

  • Campaign name: name of your campaign may consist of letters, numbers and a few special characters. Spaces at the beginning and end of a name are not allowed.
  • Domain: address of your domain. Big letters and spaces are not allowed.
  • Network: you have three options to choose from:
    • AdTonos – audio content which is integrated directly from Publishers on our platform,
    • Partners – audio content coming from Partners we work with (SSP),
    • All– if chosen source of all the available content will be used.

When “Partners” or “All” networks are selected, setting up a private deal is possible. Just enter a Deal ID and Buyer seat.

  • Audio file: select and upload your mp3 file with your ad. As soon as you upload your file, the system will show its detailed parameters.

When downloading 8s or 15s spots, the next ones must have 8s or 15s. You won’t be able to add longer ads.

When downloading 20s or 30s spots, the next ones must have 20s or 30s. You won’t be able to add shorted ads.

You can add or delete ads assigned to a campaign only when it has status DRAFT.

Please note that the file should be exactly 8s, 15s, 20s or 30s long and at least 128kbps, 44kHz, stereo in mp3 format.
The length of the file is very important and it has a direct impact on its place in a row during advertising break or pre-roll playout. Pricing also may differ depending on that.
To learn more about ad types please follow this link:
  • Ad Language: the language of your ad. Select it from the drop-down list. 
  • Ad Category: category of your ad. Select it from the drop-down list of IAB content categories.
  • Type: this is detected automatically based on your ad length.