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Each time you send a new campaign for review an Order is generated. You can download it as a pdf file to send it out to your customers or colleagues. It is a written confirmation we have received your request to launch your Campaign.

Every order has its unique number starting with A and there is always one unique Order assigned to one unique Campaign.

On the Orders screen there is:

  1. Order Number,
  2. Campaign Number,
  3. Total Net: total budget VAT/TAX excluded (if applicable),
  4. Total Gross: total budget VAT/TAX included,
  5. Bank Account: account number for the payment,
  6. Status: status of the payment,
  7. Campaign details.

To see the details of your Order click Order Number and a new page will load.

From the Order Details view, you can go to the campaign details by clicking the Campaign Details button or you can generate a new pdf file with your order by clicking the PDF button.

To learn more about the Order Details like Campaign Number, Name, Type please go to: