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Targeting the Audience

Before you start setting your first campaign, please read the information below. It is very important for us that you understand our approach to selecting the right audience for your targeting needs.

  1. Selective and sorting options

Some of the targeting options are selective and some are used for sorting.

Selective options narrow the targeting to match the audience precisely. For example, if you select Mobile in the Device option, only listeners that currently listen on mobile will be able to hear your campaign and none of the listeners that use their laptop or desktop computer will be targeted.

Sorting options are used to assign priorities of campaigns to be played to the listener. The better matching, the better position the ad gets in playout order during an ad break or pre-roll. For example, if there are two campaigns:

Campaign A: Targeting selected: Interest: Automotive, Brand: Electronics> Samsung. CPP: 0,020$, Total CPP: 0,031$

Campaign B: Targeting selected: Interest: Automotive. CPP: 0,031$, Total CPP: 0,032$

Given these two campaigns, suppose that one listener was interested in Automotive and Samsung electronics.

In such a case, the first ad that will be played to the listener is Campaign A, then Campaign B, despite the fact that Total Cost Per Play (Total CPP) is a little higher for Campaign B.

If your campaign selective targeting criteria does not match any audience, then automatically the system tries to adapt targeting settings to find the best audience possible. In other words, the targeting criteria are being progressively waived to match the audience. You will not be charged for any targeting criteria that were set but the campaign was played to a less-matched audience.

  1. Selective options are – Network, Device, Language, Country, City, Station, Date Range, Play Time, Playout Capping, Budget Type.
  2. Sorting options are – Gender, Age, Interest, Intent, Brand, Events and Remarketing.