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Audiopixel helps you to track conversions from played ads to website visitors.

The tracking pixel is a transparent 1×1 GIF image. If you add it to the source code of your website, it will be invisible to the visitor, but the visitor’s web browser will have to create a request to the AdTonos servers. These requests will be saved only if the visitor already
listened to a radio station served by AdTonos and agreed to data collection in line with GDPR compliance. Other visitors’ requests will not be saved. You can embed the tracking pixel on selected pages (e.g. landing pages) or on every page of your website.

Generating the Audiopixel Tag

You can track every single campaign, which may be useful if you are running a couple of them and want to measure the performance of each of the campaigns individually.

  1. Click Add to generate a new pixel.
  2. From the drop-down select a campaign or campaigns you want to measure conversions. You can select one, a few or all if you want to use the same pixel to track specific campaigns.
  3. Copy the given code and follow the next steps.